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  • Jazijaz - It left my hair like straw

    I have used this product 2 times. The first time I wanted to cry because I have damaged hair but after using this product my hair looked worse! I followed the instruction precisely so this didn't happen because I left it on my hair too long or washed off too early. The second time, well, I have the belief that we should always give a second chance and the result was the same.

  • Plumber Eric - Best Tankless Unit

    I was recently in the market to replace my traditional tank type water heater when it leaked with a Tankless unit. After doing intense research on all tankless brands I concluded that the Navien NR-240A was the best tankless unit out. Here were the key features that lead to my conclusion:

  • Mark B. - fits perfect

    This shade fits the CMAX perfectly and stays in place. The edges are finished and the material is not cheap lightweight like others. A quality product at a fair price that does what it is supposed to.