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  • Brigitte - 2 of my faves.

    Loved Buy Me 2 and Riding Red. This new was just so so. Sadly no real story and a lot of the same with their short stories.

  • Stephen B. - If the skin is damp like after a shower

    Very deceptive advertising. this is a cheap razor that does not shave very closely. The light is nothing more than a sensor for when the head gets close to the skin. If the skin is damp like after a shower, the razor head grabs the skin and leaves the skin looking sun burned since it has taken off several layers of skin, very sensitive and painful. If advertised as an electric razor instead of a competitor to the NoNo, may not have been so upset. I certainly would not have bought one for my wife.

  • Nelhs Betancourt - Just uninstalled this program because of their aggressive in your face marketing

    I had no problem using this program, it is not rocket science. However, every once in a while a pop up would appear in my computer screen promoting one or more of the company's services. There is NO way to stop this intrusion, and the ads keep coming. So, if you thought you could work in peace by paying this product, you are wrong because they will keep intruding in your work no matter what. Even when you uninstall the product you paid for because it is simply nagging the heck out of your day, they make you fill out a questionnaire and then to make things worse, once your done, they present you with yet another ad for another product (serv) from which you cannot exit without turning your browser completely off (so you lose any of the other pages you had open). Absolutely insane. Stay away from this company.

  • Raguel - Great product

    Really a neat looking camera! I am really pleased with this item that I ordered for a relatives special birthday, product does what it say's with description.so much so I am going to order one for myself.

  • Meko - Can you hear me now?

    Product would be wonderful if it did not fall short of its intended use. The call quality is abysmal. The call volume is too low. In order to use this device to make a call, you must either put it on speaker and press the extra volume button or always have it attached to a Bluetooth headset that has its own volume control.