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  • Gi Gi - Little computer that could!

    I recently went back to college and needed to pick a portable, lightweight and dependable laptop. I researched and read reviews for months, I wasn't familiar with brands and what I needed at first and wanted to get the best computer for my money. This computer is it! First of all its small, fits in my backpack with my books without weighing a ton, and fits well on the desks at school even next to a huge textbook. It has a sleek silver design which makes it look like a high quality device. One of the other features I like are the multiple positions it flips to, this is pretty handy for watching movies in bed. Before buying the computer I knew it had a touchscreen and I really didn't think I'd use it, I was wrong, all those times its difficult to adjust the size of something or click on something are an easy fix with the touchscreen, as well as scrolling. The one thing I was really worried about was the setup, but it was so easy it's just like setting up a cell phone pretty much and the Asus support staff are so nice and helpful if you get stuck. I really had my heart set on a Zenbook at first but if you check the details the only big difference is name of the model and price. I got mine from Best Buy not Amazon only because I had a coupon and the Best Buy experience was horrible, I should have paid a little more and just used Amazon. Bottom line, this is a mighty little portable computer and I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend!

  • Josh - Wii-U version is superior

    It's a great game as for being on a gaming handheld device, but it's obvious that the Wii-U version was catered to above this one. The 3DS is capable of doing great things but maybe if this came out a bit later it could have shown that. It still was enjoyable for all ages even as a grown man. I took me roughly 16 hours to beat and didn't get all the secrets. I reccommend this to anybody that wants to start building a 3DS game library and then want to move on to bigger and better games. It doesn't cost much either.

  • TCDSoCal - Excellent Product! Unbeatable Price!

    Shipping was FAST! Product is packaged well and the quality is top-notch. My local pool supply store (national chain) sells the same product size and weight for $187.99 and the tablets are not even individually wrapped as "In The Swim's" product is. Thank you for an excellent product at a great price. I will be ordering again!

  • Rican5Barbie - Beat cream out there!!!!

    For a year now I have been going through so many different creams for my acne/marks on my face and I got to the point where I just gave up then I came across this and decided to give it a try and OMGGGGGGGGGGG my face is clearing up!!!! In just day's! Not only that but it makes my face look so clean and young I absolutely recommend this cream! The only thing would be that at first it might sting a little wen u apply it but it goes away.

  • Samuel M. - Good Case

    This is a nice case. My only complaint is that it's made of a pretty slippery material. I usually lean towards the more velvety rubbery feeling cases, but this one is quite hard and smooth and it slides around more than I like. Otherwise, it's sturdy and not too bulky, and it has a rubber plug that covers the lightning port, which is important to me because my Iphone 6 would always collect lint in the port and need to be cleaned out.