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  • C. Morgan - Great Product

    After chemo I needed a gentle mouthwash, this works and does not burn your mouth. I continue to use it after 7 years.

  • Karin Palmer - Exceptional

    A friend was visiting from Germany and had asked that this be purchased for him, since it wasn't available there. He had done his research and instead on this particular product- so I am writing this review from his perspective.

  • Ralph Mcknight - This Has To Be Combined With Exercise and Better/Less Eating Habits

    I've been trying to find a way to help me lose weight and get rid of my bad cholesterol. I finally got my dads beer gut, and I don't like it!

  • Dr. Tox - Mom has really bad osteoarthritis in her knee and tried my commercial one ...

    Mom has really bad osteoarthritis in her knee and tried my commercial one ($1500) when I had knee issues. Bought this after I had to return mine. She loves it and says it saves her after long hours on her feet.

  • A. G. Tant - Try it!!

    I was given this as a gift and it's AMAZING! I've suffered with sinus problems and allergies my entire life. Since using this I've been able to cut way down on allergy meds and nose sprays. I sleep better, too! The first time was uncomfortable only because you need to learn to to breathe properly while doing it. Definitely give it a try!!

  • Amazon Customer - and the story is continued...

    I bought 2 copies of this book to share. I was inspired cover to cover and contacted health quarters directly. At first, I was told Anne had died and lost hope. I thought the plan didn't work. They wrote me back later explaining she died 10 years later CANCER FREE of iron blood poisoning not the Cancer. SHE DID REVERSE IT! The book is continued. If you get it, please also get the rest of the story, A Cancer Battle Plan SOURCEBOOK! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

  • the Truth - Dont bother

    bought this when i saw it on tv, the instructions are not like it is shown on tv and the reviews stink on amazon. i am returning it and of course , it has 25% restocking fee for the final ripoff. Don't bother with this product. i will update if i get my money back which i tend to doubt.