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  • William Scott - Prefect Grill for repainting near OEM Paint!

    I purchased this grill actually to replace a sub-standard one which I had gotten. This grill's finish is smooth which is PERFECT to prep for painting. Other grills which I have seen required two hours of prep before they were ready to shot with colour. This one, being a smooth finish, allowed for quicker time prepping to scuff before applying DBC base coat and then the clear. Grill looks AWESOME! Since this is plastic the colour will never be a match to any part which was metal underneath, but it is very, very close. Very happy with the outcome and will HIGHLY recommend this Grill. Thank you for an excellent product.

  • Amazon Customer - Confused..?

    Always has worked for me in the past, this is for probation, I can't afford to go to jail. But I ate this time, doesn't say not to anywhere and I never thought about it at all. Dropped positive, here they send it to a lab that breaks it down so I still have a chance that the drink blocked out enough that the lab will reject it and po won't get the positive result. Anything like this ever happen to anyone else?

  • Kenneth Dashner - Amateur Garbage

    To be fair, some of the photography is better than what you'd usually find in zero-budget dreck like this (when it managed to stay in focus).The rest is just a convoluted mess. Terrible dialog, acting, sound, canned music. Halloween party level makeup. On and on. Stuff like this can be fun if it doesn't take itself too seriously. Unfortunately this thing plays it straight and as a result is just unwatchable.

  • Marie M. - Did not work for me

    My acne is fairly tough, it is moderate to severe, my skin is not sensitive at all so I need an intense routine to keep everything at bay. After much research and YouTube reviews I decided to go ahead and give it a try, mind you I bought this system when the regiment first came out and was still pretty uncommon, there were different labels on the bottles but I believe it was the same formula as now. I followed everything precisely but somehow came out with even more acne than I had started with?!? It was quite disappointing having yet another system fail to help rid my face of acne. I feel as though I did give this regiment a fair shot, I used it for months and some days would be okay while others were horrendous, big swollen red acne like I had never had before, it was quite a depressing experience. After finally giving up I eventually found the right cleansers, toners and moisturizers that worked for me. I incorporated the benzoyl peroxide treatment from the regiment into my own routine as well as being put on birth control and I am happy to say that I'm now acne free.

  • susan webb - Simply the Best 💕

    My Sisters BD is next week , she loves this product I get it for her every year ! I buy one for myself because it's the best I've found for my dry hair and I love the fresh smell .

  • Tastinient - UPDATE - 9 months and looking fair

    My detailer had been working to keep my lights from yellowing for several years and the yellow always returned. My dealer said they could restore them for $250 but they would not guarantee the results. I didn't think that was a good option. So that's when I tried this. I presume it's similar kit to what the dealer would use, but with hand sanding rather than an electric sander that they would likely use. It took about 45 minutes of elbow grease to apply. I recommend watching the video they've posted on youtube to get the process right, there's several steps. I would say the process removed about 95 percent of the haze and yellowing when completed. Three months later, I think they have slightly dulled again, but only slightly. To my mind, if the lights keep most of their luster for a year it will have been worth it. If they start to rapidly fade again, I'll be back to update this review.