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  • Adam - It worked.

    I had a code (i think 420). I used a bottle about 9 months ago and the code cleared. It came back 2 weeks ago so I did it again. It worked again. I guess every 9 months is better than a new cat. It is an 2004 Acura MDX.

  • lauri - DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!!!!!

    I want to rave about this product and I wanted to love it, however I can not. I have struggled with my weight for awhile now and decided to give this a try, as my Dr would like to see me get surgery for weight loss as I have tried a number of products with little to no results. African Mango is supposed to aide in weight loss and I have taken the pills with small results. Ok so there were no directions, and the website just gives me an error message. I skimmed some of the other lengthy reviews and it gave some instructions for use (that was her whole review just copy and paste off the website!) ok so either way, I did not care for the taste as much as about 90% of other people did. So after my first day my bf came home from work around 8 pm and said my face looked swollen, I had also noticed my fingers and toes were swollen and I had to cut my rings off! Ok so a trip to the emergency room later since the swelling did not go down and my stomach was distended and hard as a rock. I am glad I had taken them with me to give to a Dr to look at, he immediately told me to stop using them and my sugar level had spiked and was in the mid 300! I am not diabetic and since my mom is I do regularly test my sugar and I have never been over 115. I came home and tossed the bottle in the trash, I am not dealing with that. Since I have 90/10 insurance this bottle is going to cost me way more than the original price, so my suggestion is do your homework and research this product first before use. I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.