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  • Julie Q - Caffeine for everyone!

    I was supremely late to jumping on the caffeine bandwagon. It wasn't until my early 40s that I really started drinking coffee, primarily to get me through every day of teaching. When you're trying to corral 25 third graders, you need every ounce of energy available.

  • E. Rubin - Seems to work very well on shoes

    I recently painted a pair of fabric shoes and wanted to make sure that they lasted. I sprayed those babies with ScotchGard Fabric and upholstery protector and they are holding up really well - the drizzle I walked through didn't even touch them.

  • Rence - Great look on a budget!

    I was very hapy with the results of this product. The DVD instructions were very helpful. The key is in the prep work. The instructions tell you to steel wool the couter before priming, but I would recommend sanding with 180 or 220 grit sand paper for better adhesion. It seems to be pretty durable but anything that you paint on will not be as durable as the original surface. One kit will probably cover 2/3 of what the package tells you.

  • Shirley-TX - but I am on day five and it looks like it will last even longer than when I used ...

    I was hoping for the 5-star results others have had, but I am on day five and it looks like it will last even longer than when I used Abreva for a cold sore a few months ago. That one lasted about a week from sore bump to finally healed.

  • Brad - Terrible, Stay Away!

    The option of having a cable modem with built in wireless N and 4 port switch was enticing, rather than having both a modem and a wireless router. It would save me $13/month vs renting one from my cable provider Time Warner and be a next generation cable modem with very nice wireless speeds.

  • Carl Coker - I like and I am going to keep it

    I like and I am going to keep it... I have a greeney Pan and I love it! Because I use a spray oil to cook a fried egg, and other foods including bacon! I bought this one because I can use metal utensils as well as plastic on the pan. But it tells me I can't use the spray oil, and if you fry with butter and grease, it has to be on low heat! To me not good for Frying?