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  • cindy - Love it!!

    I received my oven about 2 weeks ago and I have used it for a roast beef, a 5lb chicken, a pork shoulder, chicken cordon bleu, and air fried chicken. I followed the recommended cooking time and found that everything needed to be cooked just a few minutes longer. With experimentation and a thermometer I will nail that down. Now, with that out of the way, let me just tell you, everything was delicious. That 5 lb chicken was cooked to perfection. Crispy skin on the outside, juicy chicken on the inside. That pork shoulder that I cooked also came out excellent, And it was a six dollar and fifty cent piece of meat. I made slits in it and stuffed slivers of garlic in it, rubbed olive oil, Adobo and oregano all over it and put in the Nu Wave. It tasted just as good as something you would get in a Spanish restaurant. I didn't even need to put it in the fridge over night. Now for the complaints of a cracking dome. My dome has NOT cracked. When I remove it, I keep it upright. When the food is done cooking and I remove it, I replace it and let it cool down a while. I wash everything by hand. I use foil on the drip pan and it cleans right up. I soak the rack for about 5 minutes and it cleans right up and the dome I wash in soapy water rinse, dry and put it back in place when everything is cleaned up. I do not keep the heating unit on top of the dome when not in use. The oven is excellent and I am happy I purchased it. Makes cooking dinner a breeze. I highly recommend this product.

  • Rebecca Razo - My first grand baby is on the way!

    My 17 year old daughter was Valedictorian of her senior class, got straight As in math and science, and received a full academic scholarship to an Ivy League school. But she couldn't sew, iron or make a pot roast to save her life. She also had no sense of smart fashion or any interest in her appearance whatsoever. I was beginning to think she'd never meet a husband and have babies. And if she did, how would she cook for them?

  • dennis - mad af

    Phone worked fine for about 3wks...until it went haywire on me...I can't even master reset the phone without...pop ups saying that android has stopped for sum of reason

  • GuitarGuy310 - Wrong size for Note 4....

    Got this at a great deal because I needed a charger for my Note 4. It is advertised to charge a Note 7, so I figured it would charge my Note 4. Nope - wrong size. I'm sure it works great...if I could use it! I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. There you have it!

  • Jason - Everything worked except the wind gauge

    I would have given this 5 stars except the wind guage 'blew up' the first day I had it out at work. Everything else worked out fine, I'm just working on getting a new fan for the wind guage.

  • Scwirth - A must have!!

    If you are a true Aerosmith fan you need to get this. Mot want, NEED! It comes with 2 cds of all the songs they played during the concert. Get this and make sure you turn it up and rock! Make sure your whole neighborhood hears it!!