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  • Edie - A Number of Good Stories, But Not the Best Year

    I'm usually a huge fan of short stories, but I had a difficult time reading more of these than expected. As others have mentioned, the choice of short stories is up to the editor, and this year it just wasn't up to what I've read previous years. That's not to say everyone will dislike the stories as many of them are good, but this time it just wasn't my favorite.

  • Bethany Lemons - Do NOT BUY!!

    Wouldn't even stick to car. Followed directions step by step. Had to throw them away. Waste of money.

  • Patricia P. Surrey - Used to speed up a slow drain and it worked!

    I know, it's not what it is for. But I reached the end of my rope with my bathroom sink. I have a slow drain and I swear I used every freaking thing to clear it. I even pulled apart all the pipes to discover the problem is in the main line. But none of the main line products worked and plumber's wanted both my arm, leg, and first born child. I don't have kids so I couldn't afford it :-)

  • Teacher Girl - Excellent Guide Book for Iceland!

    Excellent travel guide! My friend had another book, and it had incorrect information... glad to know I can always count on Lonely Planet!

  • So.caltim - I had a firewall from Mcafee and all word programs were working fine. He must get paid extra for selling what ...

    Seems to be working OK so far but when I has first downloading it I had a problem. and called Micosoft, I got someone who I could nderstand who wanted me to pay a monthly fee for a firewall, I said that I purchased the program so that I would not have any other fees but he kept arguing with me and changing the price. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 10 minutes on hold I hung up. I checked a few things and found that the program had downloaded and the guy II was talking to was full of it. I had a firewall from Mcafee and all word programs were working fine. He must get paid extra for selling what people don't need.

  • Ben Roberts - Unsatisfactory results - frequent audio drop-outs. But cost refunded

    On the "plus" side, it's very easy to use. (Granted, you really have to look closely at the control buttons, as the symbols for play, rewind, etc., are black on black and very tiny.) But the "minus" makes the ease of use a moot point as the end result is unsatisfactory. I have a number of audio cassettes that are voice only (no music). I am breaking up the digital transfers into segments that run anywhere from 20 seconds to two minutes. The cassettes play fine (I've played them on a few different players to make sure), and they sound fine when monitoring the digital transfer through the ear pods. However, when playing the digital files back, there are always audio drop-outs in each segment, where a syllable or an entire word goes missing. It would be one thing if it happened every minute or so, but it's anywhere from every five to ten seconds. For my needs, this renders the digital files useless. I emailed FORE through the Amazon site, telling them about the problem. To their credit, they refunded the cost of purchase. I have no way of knowing whether my experience reflected a problem with my particular machine, or if it's a default with this model in general. Others commenting here seem to have no problem. But at least the manufacturers did the right thing by issuing the refund. I'll still have to find a cassette converter that makes digital recordings without the drop-outs.

  • Bobben - Just fine...

    There aren't many things that can go wrong with a chlorine tablet. These are just fine-- not crumbly or dusty. And I cant beat the price locally. Especially when these are delivered right to the house, and I don have to stink up the car.