Workforce Management, Time & Attendance, HR & Payroll - Kronos Incorporated - Thousands of customers in more than 100 countries rely on Kronos global workforce management to better manage their workforce in the cloud. With full human capital management (HCM) capabilities, Kronos solutions can help your organization take on the challenges of an evolving workforce.

  • Global Workforce Management Solutions - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos global workforce management solutions help organizations control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.
  • Implementation, Education, Global Support, Optimization & Managed Services – Kronos Incorporated - Kronos Services provides workforce management software implementation, optimization, education and training, and support services.
  • Industry Solutions, Workplace Management & Labor Solutions, HR Management Software - Kronos - Kronos industry solutions optimize our workforce management solutions with experience gained through thousands of industry-specific implementations.
  • Business Selector Time and Attendance - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos solutions exist for all sizes of organizations. Learn about time and attendance solutions that fit the bill.
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  • Compliance Resource Center - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos workforce management solutions help you minimize compliance risk by providing high-quality information that’s centralized, comprehensive, and available in real time.
  • Employee burnout, Employee engagement, Fatigue management - Kronos Incorporated - Engaged employees are more productive, more motivated, and less likely to burnout or look for a job elsewhere. Integrated solutions from Kronos can help drive employee engagement and prevent burnout.
  • Kronos Workforce Ready, Cloud-based Solution, SMB Software - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos Workforce Ready® is the cloud-based solution that allows today’s small to midsize businesses to gain a competitive advantage with consistent, real-time employee data.
  • Workforce Management, Workforce Solutions, Kronos Workforce Central Suite - Kronos Incorporated - From scheduling to labor costing to global deployments, each new feature in the Kronos Workforce Central suite helps you meet your workforce management challenges. Plus, it’s simple and intuitive to use. Workforce solutions from Kronos help you gain visibility into the workforce and improve operational performance.
  • About Kronos, Workforce Management Solutions, Why Kronos - Kronos Incorporated - Only Kronos delivers complete automation and high-quality information in a workforce management solution that’s easy to own.
  • Workforce Management in the Cloud, Cloud Deployment - Kronos Incorporated - Simplify workforce management with the cloud. Accelerate workforce goals. Cloud deployment not only transforms the way you access your workforce management solutions, it allows you to implement your workforce goals faster for a rapid return on investment.
  • Kronos Paragon - Experience a faster approach to workforce management implementation with Kronos Paragon.
  • Business Services, Software for Field and Contract Services, Not-for-Profit Solutions - Kronos Incorporated - Whether your organization provides field and contract services, professional service, or is a not-for-profit, optimizing your people is critical to gaining a competitive edge. That’s why services organizations of all sizes turn to Kronos.
  • Kronos for Education, Workforce Management for Schools, Education Productivity Solutions - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos for Education gives schools and universities the ability to reduce costs, minimize regaulatory risk, boost employee satisfaction, and deliver a quality learning experience.
  • Oil and Gas Workforce Management; Energy Solutions; Kronos for Energy - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos for Energy supports contractor management, helps ensure safety compliance, and tracks workforce related costs.
  • Kronos for Financial Services, Financial Services Workforce Management for Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, and Investment and Brokerage Firms - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos for Financial Services gives banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and investment and brokerage firms the ability to increase profitability, deliver quality service, and minimize compliance risk so you can gain a competitive edge.
  • Government Workforce Management, Government Software, Multisector Productivity Solutions - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos government workforce management software helps you overcome the complexity of managing your multisector workforce, giving you unmatched insight.
  • Healthcare Workforce Management, Health Industry Software, Patient Care Productivity Solutions - Kronos Incorporated - Kronos for Healthcare helps organizations balance labor costs with the delivery of quality patient care.

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  • S.Hamilton - Hazin' & Blazin'

    After reading the reviews on this site I thought that using this product for rush week at our frat house would be pretty funny. Man was I dead wrong. The story I've told my lawyer over & over again goes like this. We snuck into one of our pledges rooms one night & liberally applied to his, at the time, tiny young pale berries. We then snuck out of his room & waited 5 minutes to hear what could only be described as a high pitched shrill shriek of death, like the sound of a cat being run over by a lawnmower. He barreled through the door & came at us with the veracity of a mother ape & we had stolen her child. He lunged at us & pleaded for help. With desperation in his eyes I caught a glimpse of his once tiny appendages, now gigantic purple & apple looking in form. Foaming at the mouth & tears streaming from his eyes he said one simple thing in a tone I will never forget. "Help me" he whispered. We quickly drug him to Billy's room since he was the only one we knew with a mini fridge with a freezer in it & the bathroom was on the second floor. We kicked open the door knocking over Billy's hookah in the process. We ripped open Billy's freezer & began rubbing one frozen item after another onto his now heirloom tomatoes with elephantiasisish stuff. I've honestly never before heard the sounds that came out of him nor will I probably ever again. I believe that there were tongues not spoken in a thousand years emanating from this young mans inner being. I have never been more afraid in my life. His eyes burned a bright red as if to be turning the same color as his now softball sized nuggets. The only relief came in a form of a can of fresca & a frozen bag of peas applied to the affected area. Clean as a whistle but still red as the devils dick we went up to the second floor to use the bathroom to wash off the remaining cream. Bad idea. Apparently water activates it even further, just pushing it around infecting other sensitive areas where hair also grows. Knowing there was no more fresca in house we tried a plethora of other sodas to no avail. A popsicle shoved into a place where no one ever dreams they would ever have one shoved was enough to quiet the screams momentarily. Just then we smelled smoke & realized the hookah that we knocked over in Billy's room had started the house on fire. Well, after the emergency room visit & 7 hours with the police department & fire department I'm out on bail & awaiting trial on the 4 felony counts & 2 misdemeanors I've been ridiculously charged with. Lucky for most the only real loss we had was the communal fish tank in which we were pretty much replacing after every party we had anyway since someone was always puking in it. After all is said & done, I'm happy to report that our frat house is being rebuilt & the pledge has become an honorary member leading the cause to keep me kicked out. Talk about motivation. The doctors also told me that he will never ever grow hair in the regions that I applied this product so I definitely give it 5 stars.

  • Courtney - The writing is of extraordinary poor quality. The author did provide several twists and ...

    This book was just awful. The writing is of extraordinary poor quality. The author did provide several twists and turns, but the amateur prose really detracted from the story. The tale also veered into the realm of disbelief.

  • Joe Carley - Yep this is the one

    Yes, this is the book that everyone swears by. It has all the core information that you need for the step one board exam. Use this plus practice questions and you'll do just fine.

  • I. Brown - great moisturizer

    I have a chronically dry nose and "t-zone" on my face. I needed something that could provide moisture that is not greasy. I use this at night, and my nose is actually normal in the morning. I saw results right away. Its almost as if my dry skin is "cured".