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  • Rachel - great game

    My kids really like this game. When I was young, we played with the actually lego pieces and now kids have lego video games and lego cartoons to watch.

  • Sean Wright - Very enjoyable article-length read

    I always enjoy Ronson's work and The Elephant in the Room showcases all of his trademark humor, storytelling ability and insight.

  • Amazon Customer - Works ok

    Wasn't work the extra money versus just using some WD-40 I already had on hand. Skip this product unless you really have to use a product called adhesive remover

  • Brian V - Get your purification on!

    I have done many purification programs over the years and this one is one of the best I have found. Following the program is difficult but very rewarding. You can do it!

  • Susan K. Edwards - Best so far ... but not perfect

    I am probably looking for perfect which I do not think is out there .. I am 62 years of age and where my skin isn't terrible .. I probably am looking for my skin to be of a 40 year old which is NOT going to happen .. I know it looks younger than I am .. just want miracles I think .. however, it has improved it .. just not as much as I wish it would .. now, again .. it is good enough tha I am NOT going to change at this time and have already ordered a 2nd tube ... they are good products .. I recommended them to my 70 yr old sister as well as my almost 40 year old daughter .. they both are using them as well.

  • J. Stobbs - Not bad, but not as good as the price suggests it should be.

    Good product. Several better products out there with a lower price. I currently use C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream, half the price and last 50% longer because it dispenses from a tube.

  • Karl E. Hoff - Navage Nasal Irrigation.

    Have now been using the Navage system for almost 7 months and am very happy with it. It works better than the little plastic bottle where you spray salt solution into your nose. I've gotten so I kind of depend on it when I'm having sinus issues. You get a pretty graphic view of what's coming out of your sinuses in the collection tank. I've just ordered the travel carrying case so I can use it while on trips. The little salt capsules cost some money, but you can usually get a quantity deal. There is a way to game the system, but it's a little bit of a pain. Would highly recommend this to people serious about taking care of their sinus issues.