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  • RobbieV - Very good replacement for OEM filter - NO FITMENT ISSUES.

    The Crystala box came with no issues. The product came fully protected and inside of a box and another box and another box. I reminded me of those Russian nesting dolls, lol. But it was well protected. Finally it was shrink wrapped for that last bit of protection.

  • Melissa - Love Love Love this product.

    I think it's an awesome product. I love to feel the the minty burn each time I use it. Seems like it has also helped me with my dandruff problem. Thumbs up!!

  • Laura/William - If you do it right, the product really works

    I found this product to have worked really well for me. I had one plantear wart on my foot that over the course of a year got very large and then spread to make about10-15 other warts on the same foot. When I saw another wart on my other foot, I knew I had to do something about it. I used this, and they are all gone now and my skin looks back to normal. Some tips I have are:

  • RN SuperMom - awesome, great, love em

    These are actually some of the best space saver / vacuum bags that I have found on the market. I get a little hesistant with these bags anymore because I usually end up let down after a few days when I notice that they have inflated back up again, or have holes in them somehow. I filled these up a few days ago and deflated them. I have been checking veerrry closely on these and so far-GREAT! NO leaks, no holes and no air back inside the bag. Yay. Super happy with these, finally a space saver bag that doesn't disappoint. Awesome purchase, worth recommending.

  • Richard - Great patches for stiff and painful muscles

    Have been using thes patches for years. Great for my low back pain and stiff neck pain. Directions say not to leave on more than 8 hours, but have forgot that it was on, until I took a bath 24 hours later. No problem. I put one on my lower back before bed time and next morning don't have the extreme stiffness. For the price, you can't beat them. Doesn't have that strong lintament smell. More of a evergreen smell. You don't even notice it. Would highly recommend.

  • Jerry Moy - it's a great product. Only issue I found was this

    Once installed, it's a great product. Only issue I found was this. The weak instructions tell you to lift each end (4) of the rubber strips to get at the screws to secure the crossbars to the cars rails. It's nearly impossible to re-seat the rubber strips by pushing it back down. My suggestion is to slide the entire rubber strip off, then slide it back on when done.