LCBIM | EPFL - Neva Chair of bioorganic chemistry and molecular imaging (LCBIM). Prof. Elena Dubikovskaya, Institute of chemical sciences and engineering (ISIC). Epfl, Lausanne

  • News | LCBIM - A Chair in Bioorganic Chemistry (LCBIM - Prof. Elena Dubikovskaya) and a new international collaboration in the field of diabetes research has been created with the help of Neva foundation at ISIC, EPFL.

    Country:, Europe, CH

    City: 6.6667 Vaud, Switzerland

  • B G Cleveland - Can't Believe the Shine - Looks Like New

    Husband got up early and swept then mopped the sealed hardwood floors of our home before applying the product with a microfiber pad, and WOW! I thought they were still wet when I saw them.

  • Max's mom - It works!

    I have been suffering with horrid razor burn ever since I started shaving my bikini area. It has been a struggle for me to where a bikini without being embarrassed by my angry looking bikini line. I've been using this product for over a month now and it has worked wonders. My skin is smooth and bump free and my ingrown are gone. The ones that do pop up are easily taken care of. I wish I would of known about this product years ago. It's a miracle worker.

  • Raynee Branch - Smells soft and sweet! This is my favorite blend of Lavender oil.

    I ordered the Pure Body Nauturals Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil as it is my absolute favorite blend of lavender. I just started getting into essential oils in the last few months and never knew there were different blends of lavender until recently. I just thought lavender was lavender. Recently I ordered a lavender not knowing it was a Kashmir blend until I got it home and smelled it. I fell in love and noticed right away it had a much softer scent than original lavender. It has a sweet scent to it which I have always been a fan of sweeter type perfumes. That has me on a mission to try different brands of Kashmir Lavender and find a favorite.

  • 2 Many Books - Favorite Product

    I've used a few different options while I'm healing my tattoos. This one is the one I've stuck with for my last 4. Just be careful not to put too much on when you are initially healing because it can make the scabbing worse.

  • Greenville, MI - Good at stopping hunger!!!

    I don't think there are weight loss supplements out there that I would give 5 stars in all honesty. I haven't been using this long yet, but it has worked to slow down hunger. I am only taking 1/day and you can take 2.