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  • Jake - Great 4K tv

    This tv is not as bad as some of the reviews given. I bought this at frys price matched with Amazon. So far this tv has been great very clear picture. There is some blur when watching sports haven't seen blur on other shows. On the "Action Menu" on the remote you can place this in "live football mode". I also have the Disney wow calibration tool and I calibrated the tv and it looks great to me might be different to others it's all on preference. Below are my settings:

  • Donté - But that's just to hide the wires better! That's just my preference

    Works greats!! Although I did have to cut a bit of the plastic at the bottom shelf that the radio will be sitting on! But that's just to hide the wires better! That's just my preference. A simple 2 slices with a box blade will take care of that! Another thing you will hear and see all kinda of things about how your radio isn't working! But telling you NOW!!!!!! You have to go into the settings in the kit, and select your model radio!! Soon you do tht easy breezy! And the screen doesn't go out, flinch, nothing great product! Ordered 4 so far, for others! No complaints, thanks

  • Weston O'Malley - Disappointed!!!

    Love the website , and their other cookbook. Found this one unbelievably confusing.... and not at all user friendly. Not sure I'd want to spend three hours cooking on a Sunday.... in addition to shopping and cleaning up the kitchen..... So , all in all , don't think this way of cooking works for me.... even though a few recipes look worth trying.

  • Kenneth A Hallberg - I like it!

    Used it all weekend and loved it. I am running wifi at about 12Mbs up and down with very little buffer time. Take my advice and either have or buy a small usb keyboard with a track ball otherwise your setup time will be longer. The cable companies no longer have a noose around my neck!

  • Renee J. Barnaby - Save your $$

    Granted, I loved the "ice cream" this produced. Wow! Wait, until it started smoking about the fourth time I used it. It never actually caught fire, but sure came close. But I found a GREAT replacement! I use my KitchenAid meat grinder. It may not look like ice cream, but it has the same smooth consistency. Give it a try.

  • grannykiddo - love having many games so quickly never a dull moment

    Though some of the games have rather rough graphics I'm not really fond of ghoulish pix or silly aliens (I think I out grew them when I turned 70) yes even grannies play games so much I have had to buy coins a time or two but the prices are so much more reasonable in this game they last and last. FREE coins and decent payout make this a game you can play and play without bothering friends . I am hooked on the Billionaire!