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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Orrin R. Onken - Pefect for the Dumb and Lazy

    I bought a house with a Honeywell programable thermostat on the wall and could never figure out how to use it. For ten years when I wanted the house warmer I moved the little lever on the bottom to "heat" until the house heated up. When I was warm I pushed the little lever to "off." In the summer, I moved the little lever the other way to "cool." I have no idea what all the other buttons on the thing did, and I didn't care to look it up.

  • Frank - Perfect gift

    My wife surprised me by purchasing this for me as a gift. It totally changed the look of my Jeep! I love it! It took a little over 15 minutes to remove the old grill and install this one. It even came with a rubber weather seal that glues to the top of it. Lots of compliments so far. Great quality with a great look.

  • Fran - Deluxe model

    There is nothing different from this machine and the Yonanas 902 machine. It just comes with a couple of plastic accessaries. I seem to get a banana flavor in everything I make. I haven't figured out the fruit to banana ratio yet. The recipes offered in the recipe book have an overpowering banana flavor.

  • Jen M - Love my hydrated smooth skin!!

    I love this stuff, it leaves my skin soft and smooth! I love the hydration it gave my skin, I no longer feel like I need to moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower. I don't understand why people have an issue with taking it off. It is just like washing your face! I just wish it was a little cheaper!

  • Michael Livingstone - Men can enjoy them too!

    I am not ashamed to say as a man I also use these. I do so consensually and in the privacy of my own home and am harming nobody in doing so. The liberated feeling of using a Bic pen created for a lady is nothing to be ashamed of, people used to look down upon a man using two different ink colours and we changed that, why shouldn't we change attitudes towards pens too? Bic Pride!

  • LbearMoonshine - Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

    I was very excited when i chanced on this book at a local craft store. Unfortunately i had been in a rush and hadn't had the time to really take a good look at the recipes inside of it. Still, i had it in my mind i had to pick up a copy for myself because, as a Harry Potter fan, why the heck shouldn't i have a Harry Potter Cookbook!? I wish now that i had done more research.