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  • Robert Coltrin - I used Petersons years ago to help my niece select ...

    I used Petersons years ago to help my niece select a college. I was impressed then and still am. While looking for Petersons I looked at other guides and found them lacking in detail.

  • David - The good book

    First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 is THE book that all medical students should have and be using on day 1 of medical school.

  • victoria Turk - The pain was so bad I did not care

    I must commend the Sciatica Institute for the production of this program. I have been suffering for two months with a sciatica condition. Was going to chiropractor two times a week. He was not helping me at all. I decided to go on internet and search. Low and behold, this came up. Thank God! I never knew there were so many conditions caused by this nerve. You really need to know what you are dealing with. I was skeptical to buy these cd's at first. The pain was so bad I did not care. The best purchase ever! Within one week, I was feeling relief. Could not believe it was true. Continued the program and was extremely satisfied. I had Piraformis Syndrome. The cd's are spot on for finding your particular issue. I would recommend this program for anyone dealing with lower back pain and sciatica issues.