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  • A.M. - Just set it up and appears to be quite accurate ...

    Just set it up and appears to be quite accurate. Also, very thrilled to be able to connect it to IFTTT.

  • vjpens - web install

    Can I install this product direct from the web? I have a aspire 11" which do not come with a CD player.

  • Mike Mangler - Kirkland Minoxidil

    Well the product shown is not what I received. The first time I bought this from Amazon it came just as it is shown in a sealed retail box with the dropper. This time the three bottles came loose, packed in a generic bubble wrap envelope along with a cheap clear plastic dropper. The three bottles are not sealed so I don't know for sure what's in them, at least with the seal box I was a little more reassured. Right now I'm considering discarding this stuff and just going to costco and buying it off the shelf.

  • Amazon Customer - There was a learning curve since I formerly used Nero ...

    There was a learning curve since I formerly used Nero 8. For whatever reason, it took over 2 hours to burn a video CD with Nero 2016 where it used to take about 15 minutes with Nero 8.