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  • Carol Owens - finaly comes the Bluetooth remote controller

    I'm a big fan of BlitzWolf, before this they had a single VR, it's not so perfect as you can only be watching and no way to enjoy playing it.

  • Jordan Wittenhagen - 2015 crosstrek

    It fit my crosstrek when I removed the top rubber cushions, it fits snug but I'm afraid it might scratch a little missing the cushions but not worried enough to spend the extra $70 to get the Subaru crossbars

  • Orin - Review of the 100-night guarantee and return process

    There are plenty of reviews on this remarkable product, but I would like to supply more information on the return process for anyone who is curious.

  • William J. Shryer - Hype

    This is truly amazing that such an old ingredient can still be marketed as something new. Folks, this is plain old benadryl used in just about every night time cold OTC imaginable. It's also the most common nasal decongestant in all of the OTC medications. If you want to save money ask your pharmacist for what is the cheapest diphenhydramine they sell.


    PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU USE THIS ON YOUR DOG!!!!! I put this on my elderly lab mix on April 14, 2015. She was active and we were looking forward to getting outside after a snowy winter. I wanted to be sure she was protected against ticks, most of all. About a month later we noticed that she was becoming lethargic. But we attributed this to our upside down schedule due to a family emergency. Then she seemed more unsteady on stairs and her hearing declined drastically. At this point, we attributed it to her age and the fact that now we were remodeling. Again, a change in schedule. By the middle of May, she was beginning to pick at her food. We switched foods and that didn't help. She hardly ate anything. We made multiple trips to the vet with no answers. Then one day, I connected the dots and took off her collar. She seemed to perk up after a week, but that was temporary. She died a week ago. I feel very strongly this was due to the collar. I have a video from December that shows her being active and her goofy healthy self. She had a check up in February with nothing terribly alarming. The general decline and weight loss from April 14th to July 7th was heartbreaking and dramatic. I wish I had read reviews before putting this collar on my beloved Stella.

  • Colour - Terrible game, DRM makes it worse

    I purchased this game off the EA store. The game itself has been dumbed down so far that it is no longer enjoyable, in fact, any design actions that you make have practically zero impact on your actual gameplay. I've played flash games with far more depth. All the promise that this game had has been swept away by profoundly limited gameplay; the creativity that you wield has no actual effect on the game itself.