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  • WickedStorme - Try this magazine, its a keeper!

    I like this magazine a lot. It teaches you to lighten up classic dishes that you make. And give you great new dish to try that the whole family will love to eat.

  • Michael D - Where are these nightmares I've heard about?

    I've owned a Vitamix, and yes, it was a tank. It was also big and clunky and took up a lot of room on my countertop. I bought this unit direct from Euro Pro knowing that it would only blend about 80% as well as a Vitamix but that it would be more compact and versatile. I was a little apprehensive about buying Ninja / Euro Pro products, especially from Euro Pro directly, because of all the customer service and durability nightmares I have heard. All I can say is that apparently people aren't careful with these machines, expect too much from customer service or both.

  • Krischelle21 - Buy the non-tinted product

    I have used Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer SPF 30 non-tinted for years and love it. I have sensitive, combination skin (oily forehead, dry and flaky around nose and mouth) and find it is not too heavy, blends in quickly, SPF 30 is great, and it does seem to even skin tone.

  • Melissa - Dangerous ingredients for pregnancy

    I am 5 months pregnant and just became educated on ingredients in the products I have been applying to my hair and skin. So often we don't think past the food we are ingesting when we worry about chemicals. This product contains at least 4 ingredients (PEG-8, Yellow 5, Propylparaben, methylparaben) that are known carcinogens, can effect your liver and kidneys and endocrine systems. Remember, if it can effect your body it can effect you baby. I have been using a product called Belli Elasticity Belly Oil that has all natural ingredients. I got it on and it may be spendy but I love the way it makes my skin feel. I will continue to use the Belli products even after my baby is born!

  • Eric Gauthier - Good bike thats inexpensive!

    I bought this exercise bike to help recover my leg and arm strength after a major spinal cord injury. In that respect it has helped immensely with therapy its very easy on the the 1st of 7 strength settings and gives you a run for your money on the tougher setting, with that in mind there is a good range of difficulty. Note however the arm bike is not connected to the digital readout or the leg difficulty so it is very much an isolated part of the bike and has its own difficulty knob. The seat is firm enough that you don't sink in but no where near hard enough to make your bottom hurt (I've been on this for 30 minutes at a time and only when I go for longer do I start to notice a very small ache, however that's more likely due to my spines over sensitivity than the seat). The seat adjustment knobs are a bit fiddly and if you don't have much arm strength you may need assistance to get them set in the first place but once there they stick pretty well (horizontal movement is just a screw knob so It can move if not tight enough but the vertical height is secured with a pin lock and screwknob. There rotation of the wheel is very good I don't feel wobbly when riding it but a complaint I have is the petals are meant for smaller feet I have a 12.5 US foot and I have the the foot straps set to the max length and my feet don't fit completely on the petal but it's not uncomfortable, it just makes me have to use my ankles a bit more. The digital readout uses AA batteries to power itself and unless you're a hobbyist electrician there is no way to have it run on any other power source. The heart pulse reader is basic at best and honestly I don't use it a whole lot but the timer works and that's mostly what I care about. Don't expect much from the digital display. Other than that if you don't want to use the arm bike portion you can sneak a tablet in between the arm stiffness knob and the digital readout and watch netflix or what ever tablet thing you do and have it stay there reasonably well (I recommend a case with a bit of grip as the bike is all plastic and metal, except the seat obviously, which is a synthetic leather-y material).

  • heather - No more legs burning on the seats!

    I am very pleased with this shade and the fit and quality are very good. Prompt shipping and well worth the money.

  • Katie - Eye Opener

    A must read to expose many things going on in our country while we idly sit by and ignore or choose to believe it could not be. Easy to read and well referenced.