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  • Lauri Holmes - Did not work

    I used these to hang a light-weight poster-sized map horizontally on my wall. Several days later, I heard something fall and discovered the map on the floor, it's plexiglass broken. The strips are still attached to the wall. It was the cardboard on the back of the frame that they didn't remain stuck to.

  • Rafael B - Its a descent everyday bag

    i was going between a medium and large bag and wanted to make sure ill fit all my college books and my mac book pro on it for college. well, it turns out i got the large to make sure all the books fit nice inside. I'm not sure how well my books would of fit on the medium but with this large size a have room to spare and it doesn't look so bulky on me as well. I'm 6,1ft 175 lbs.

  • Honest Abe - Our kids love this game for some reason

    Our kids love this game for some reason. We have a 11 year old boy and a 7 year old girl, and this game is perfect to let them run off some energy on rainy or days that are way too hot to go outside. You need some space for this game, at least 10X10 if you have more than 2 people playing at a time. One person can play this in a 5X5 ft area. This keeps the kids moving for 30-60 minutes straight. Great workout, great cardio. Really recommend that you have the PS camera for this game. Not nearly as fun if you have to hold the controller.

  • KW Concord - piece of junk

    Don't get me wrong - I love Mr Coffee pump espresso makers. I've had 2 ECMP10's and an ECMP40 - all wonderful and long-lived. I have had this for 2 weeks and it broke this morning - I turned it on to warm it up and water came gushing out from the inside. Time to find a different brand.

  • Laurie - I have tried other products for the nasty cold sores ...

    I have tried other products for the nasty cold sores that I get far too often. When I feel that tingling/burning, I start to put this on. It DEFINITELY shortens the duration of the sores! As I said, I've tried other products and this is the only one that works for me!

  • TonyBeinhauer - Awesome bang for the buck!

    Defenitely a nice addition to the tool box. With summer approaching, it's A/C season in the automotive world, and Iv been using a poster black light for a few years. I decided it was time to go portable, and truth be told I purchased this simply because it looks like my J5 Tactical flashlight (also a great flashlight, highly recommend). This little guy is powered just fine by an AA battery, and it sure works wonders on UV dye. No problem finding leaks, or where someone spilled my dye bottle on the shop floor and then attempted to clean it up.

  • Sheila - Gift for daughter and she loved it!

    According to my teen, this is the best "Just Dance" yet, she loves the music and the dances. I've tried it with her and I agree, it's lots of fun, great stress reliever, party game, family night fun, or just whenever you feel like dancing! Great way to get some exercise too! I'd recommend to anyone that wants an active, fun, video game.