Utilisation Du Baclofène - Baclofen 25 Mg Tablets - Troisième dose de test: Si aucune réponse positive à la deuxième dose d'essai, 100 mcg (sous un volume de 2 ml) peut être administré 24 heures plus tard. Boire de l'alcool peut augmenter certains des effets secondaires du baclofène. Avant de prendr

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  • Jocelyn - Interesting experience

    Pros: 1) Comes with almost everything you will need: A headset, an extra face-mask padding, and a cleaning cloth.

  • Ms. Russell - Decent Collection

    Good compilation, but only a few of the essays presented here strike me as worthy of "Best Of..."

  • Phil Miller - 05 Escalade with 165k, was getting a lifter tap ...

    I have an 05 Escalade with 165,000 miles on it, and was getting a little lifter tap once in a while. Completely gone now since putting half a can in my synthetic Mobil One oil.

  • Scott - The most impactful book I've read in years

    I cannot overstate the value of this book for any married couple, whether you're on the verge of divorce, or just starting out (or even just planning to get married). This book absolutely rocked me as I saw so many of the problems in my own marriage spelled out in uncanny detail, with clear action plans to fix them. Aspects of my marriage that had baffled me for years now make perfect sense after reading the book. I only wish I had learned this stuff 20 years ago, because of all the pain and hurt that I could have avoided for both my wife and I. My only issue I have with the book is that some of the language is a bit crude, so be warned.

  • Nancy Friend-Blue - FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!

    This is a great product for fighting Candida! It works great and I will continue to buy it until my candida is gone!

  • Judith A. Weller - Beware it Will Harden up and Become Unusable.

    Like all these super glues, they harden after they are opened and become unusable. You have to use them up within a few days or you can't squeeze even a drop out. The bottle turns into concrete. Unless you have a large product, buy only in the smallest quantity.

  • Diana McNeel - Oil Pulling Therapy

    The provocative title was enough for me to purchase this book, but even better that it was written by Bruce Fife! He never disappoints. He always backs up his information with studies (that have often been surrepetitiously ignored by modern medicine). Oil pulling turns out to be the practice of swishing liquid oil in your mouth at least once a day for 20 minutes to rid yourself of bacteria, viruses, etc. that may be causing you systemic harm. He explains and documents why something so simple could be so over-all healthy. He does disclaim that this should not be considered a panacea or disease/illness/syndrome cure-all, but he does beg the question. Why not give it a try? It certainly won't hurt you. You don't swallow or gargle the oil. You can use any oil you want (although he suggests coconut oil and I attest it DOES taste better in the mouth). You can be about your business doing other things during that 20 minute swishing procedure. After all, it just might work.