Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine - Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine consultations in Ennis, Clare, and Dublin, Ireland. Dietary and lifestyle changes for improved health.

  • Consultations - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Herbal medicine, nutrition and iridology consultations in Clare and Dublin, Ireland. Holistic, vitalist nutritionist, one-to-one consultations.
  • About - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Liz Kane is an Irish medical herbalist, nutritionist and iridologist, offering one-to-one consultations for improved health in Clare and Dublin, Ireland.
  • Contact - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Contact Medical Herbalist, nutritionist and Iridologist in Ennis, Co. Clare and Dublin, Ireland. Herbal medicine, nutrition and iridology consultations.
  • Weight Loss Archives - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - An holistic approach to weight management, healthy weight loss ensures you meet your body's nutritional needs and address underlying cause of weight gain.
  • Nutritionist - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Irish nutritionist offering practical dietary and lifestyle advice to help alleviate chronic health conditions and promote optimal health, in Ennis, Clare.
  • Iridology - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye to assess current health and identify preventative measures for optimal physcial, emotional and mental health.
  • Herbal Medicine - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Herbal medicine, traditional Western Physiomedical tradition.What to expect when consulting a master medical herbalist and health conditions treated.
  • Mindfulness - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - The practice of mindfulness can improve physical, emotional and mental health. It is fairly simple to get started and incorporate into daily routines.
  • Nutritional Herbalism - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Nutritonal herbalism uses culinary herbs, spices and healing foods to prevent ill health and promote optimal digestion, nutrition and well-being.
  • Vitalist Nutrition - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Vitalist nutriton focuses on plant-based food, eaten raw to preserve nutrients and enzymes for maximum healing and to support the body.
  • Nutrition and food - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Good nutrition and healthy food choices are connected with improved health and disease prevention. Improving your diet can be made easy and enjoyable.
  • Site Index - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Personal Nutrition and Wellness, Co. Clare Ireland. Nutrition, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Mindfulness. Site index of pages and blog.
  • Autumn: Time to strengthen immunity - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - Autumn, time to strengthen immunity against the first sniffles, sore throat, colds, flu and bugs of Winter using nutrition and herbal medicine.
  • 12 reasons to see a nutritionist - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - 12 good reasons to see a nutritionist: All of them can help you feel better from the inside out, while improving your health and reducing health risks.
  • Oatmeal Whole Wheat Bread - Nutrition & Herbal Medicine - A quick and easy oatmeal and whole wheat bread recipe. Add chopped nuts, seeds or fruit for a hearty breakfast oatmeal, whole wheat bread.

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    Bad release, bad "fixing" patches, bad forum control, bad items, just a general bad waste of time. Don't get jay wilsoned.

  • Jennifer - helps to minimize your pain

    I have lumbar facet joint arthritis and suffer from low back pain. My doctor has given me a prescription for some tropical capsaicin ointment but after trying Livrelief I would much rather use this than my prescription. Livrelief takes the edge off when my lower back is really causing me problems the same as my prescription medicine but without the burning and smell associated with normally applying capsaicin to the skin. The only problem is it seems not to last as long and does have to be applied more often. This will not get rid of your pain but it will help you tolerate it a little better. I did receive a sample of livrelief free through Pinchme but in no way has it impacted my review. Livrelief is a good product to help minimize joint or muscle pain but in no way will it get rid of your pain.

  • Nathaniel Gildersleeve - Excellent for RVers

    I have used this program and it's annual predecessors for several years. I find it very useful for selecting RV parks. It is so much easier to find them on a map than in the larger written directories like Woodals and Trailer Life. This program appears to have most of the RV park information that the written Trailer Life Directory has. There is an "updated" program called "RV Plan 'N' Go 2013" that is actually a substantial downgrade. I would suggest buying the this 2012 version and avoiding the newer version because they have removed most of the RV park information from the 2013 version.