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  • dwonsetler - The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy

    I have use this product for 9 years as Tax Cut & later H&R Block. The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy. It is designed for the average person, asking most of the necessary questions during the interview process. Once the interview process is completed the software performs a review and flags entries which may be in error or missing and allows you to input the appropriate corrections. E-filing takes little time and a confirmation is available from IRS normally within 24 hours. Since I live in a state with no state income tax I cannot comment on this feature.

  • Bethany A. Wilkins - Great color coverage on my dreadlocks!

    Doing your own hair color can be an adventure, and you are never sure what you will end up with. I admit I was pleasantly surprised to have my messy sun-bleached light brown hair (with some gray) turn the exact shade it showed on the box. When I was younger I had natural red highlights, and missed them, so I was very happy with the color my hair is now. Having dreadlocks that have never been colored before other than a few I colored dark blue a few years ago with a temporary color, I wasn't certain how well it would work with all the dreads being colored. I am very pleased with the results achieved.

  • TerriLynn - I love Aveeno products but with this one you have to ...

    I love Aveeno products but with this one you have to be careful not to put too much on or when it dries it kind of cakes up. I put a primer on before applying this to help with the caking. Overall, it works well and blends (as long as you do not add too much). I have very light skin and the fair to light works great.

  • Ellen Su - Many many helpful features are now missing - updated

    I haven't even started using my 2011 version yet and am already disappointed. I am soooo sorry I uninstalled my 2010 version. (It is not advisable to have two versions on your computer.) I have been using this software since 2007 and have been happy with the upgrade versions until this one. I cannot preview my saved projects as in the past. All this program allows is to look at a bunch of Hallmark icons and file titles in a MSwindows pane. The previous version showed the card in special preview pane and I could scroll through them seeing all the fronts. This was very important to me, especially since it allows you to bring up saved cards no longer available in the current version. I have over 800 projects saved and like to go back and make sure I don't send the same card twice and sometimes pull up a special saved card or envelope to send someone else. It's impossible to find anything now.

  • chrissy - finally, a fun work out!

    this game is awesome for people who want a more fun work out, whether they are beginners or experienced fitness experts! I have always found it hard to stay motivated when i work out, but this game keeps me motivated and makes me excited to work out! I absolutely LOVE that you get to punch away the calories at the end of an activity, it counts the calories you burn and tracks them overtime as well. How's that for motivation? I read someone else's review saying that it is hard because it provides no instructions on how to dance or whatever, but for me it has been really easy to pick up the steps, and i have no coordination AT ALL (i also have scoliosis and asthma, but still manage to complete the activities easily as long as a I pace myself). They repeat the steps several times so you can get the hang of it. and even if you feel like a fool doing the bollywood dances, you will still get a workout!!!

  • D. Lewis - Not for allergy sufferers

    I tried this product and it worked well on my arthritis pain. However, it contains a histamine which is taboo for allergy sufferers. I developed a horrible rash; I have had to take steroids to get rid of it; and will be seeing an allergist. This product should come with a warning for people who have allergies. They did refund my money but that is small consolation for the suffering I have had to put up with.

  • Baris Karadenizli - Love it

    There is a reason why you see lots of these in the malls. It is lightweight, easy to pop-up, lots of value for the price level. If you have the chance, try to wait until christmas passes. We saw the price go down 15-20% in early January. By the way I think this product is fairly new, many of our friends who are parents of 5-6 yr olds do not know this product, referring us to uppa etc. No need to be "upper" scale than this.( not even the other B Ready model) So be careful while listening to advice from your friends, the stroller industry is advancing :-)