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  • magly2007 - Only good if you will only use Mr. Beer ingredients

    I bought the Mr. Beer kit after reading the great reviews. The one thing I did not realize is this kit will only be useful if you only want to make recipe's that use Mr. Beer ingredients. Mr. Beer was helpful for me to get a simple $50 lesson in how beer is made, but if you ever want to make recipes from your local homebrew stores that have different yeasts or hops - you will find yourself buying a new kit very soon for several reasons:

  • Harry F. Smith - Excellent equipment

    This chair seems to be very well made. I like it because it will accommodate where ever your need is from strong and healthy to old and feeble. We use it every day and I did order extra bands for the chair so we can gradually increase the resistance. Great product at a reasonable price. I did read some of the negative comments and it took some time for me to try it. I am well pleased.