Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) -  Sing Freedom – A story with songs of liberation LUCAS are proud to be supporting a special performance by Frances Bernstein and her Free Range choir of Sing Freedom – a story with songs of liberation about the strugg

  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/about/ About the Centre » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together scholars with an active interest in Africa from across different schools and faculties at the University of Leeds. Here at LUCAS, we promote African
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/schools-africa-project/ LUCAS Schools Project » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - A view of Africa from the people who live there African Voices in Primary Schools The Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) recruits and trains African postgraduates to deliver African Voices activity days in Leeds schools. Our postgraduates are a
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/study-africa/ Study Africa » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - In this section:Undergraduate studyPostgraduate study Undergraduate study LUCAS administers two discovery modules for first-year undergraduates – one through the Faculty of Arts and one through the School of Politics and International Studies. These are interdisciplinary modules and provide an in
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/yasn/ Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - African studies in Yorkshire has a proud tradition and a vibrant present. Africanists in Yorkshire’s universities are carrying out an exciting range of world-class research in a wide range of disciplines. However, there is currently little coordination between these
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/people/ People » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - LUCAS members Director Dr Shane Doyle, School of History Deputy Directors Prof. Ray Bush, School of Politics and International Studies Prof. Jane Plastow, School of English Schools Project Mr Richard Borowski African Studies Administrator Dr Christian Hogsbjerg African Studies Advi
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/bulletin/ Leeds African Studies Bulletin » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - The Leeds African Studies Bulletin is published annually by the Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS). We welcome submissions – please get in touch with us with ideas or for more information – the deadline for the
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/links/ Further African Studies Links » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Review of African Political Economy Online – Since 1974 the Review of African Political Economy has provided radical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa, adopting a broadly materialist interpretation of change. Established by a group o
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/postgraduate-scholarships/ Postgraduate Scholarships » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - The University of Leeds has scholarships for African students wishing to undertake postgraduate study in African Studies in Leeds, which include: Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarship (LARS) – various deadlines depending on Faculty but for Arts – 15 January 2016;
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/the-lucas-book-distribution-scheme/ The LUCAS Book Distribution Scheme » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Leeds University Centre for African Studies with the generous sponsorship of the Morel Trust has for a number of years run a book distribution scheme in conjunction with a number of universities and organisations in Africa. The Morel Tru
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/sing-freedom-a-story-with-songs-of-liberation-frances-bernstein-and-free-range-choir/ ‘Sing Freedom – a story with songs of liberation’ – Frances Bernstein and Free Range choir » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Leeds University Centre for African Studies are very proud to be able to offer a rare chance to see this special show: ‘Sing Freedom – a story with songs of liberation’, a personal story told by Leeds Free
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/prof-howard-stein-on-industrial-policy-in-africa/ Prof. Howard Stein on ‘Industrial policy in Africa’ » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Seminar hosted jointly by LUCAS and Leeds University Business School as part of their Economic Seminar Series. Prof. Howard Stein (Department of Afroamerican and African Studies & Department of Epidemiology, University of Michigan), ‘Industrial policy in Af
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/dr-sabrina-parent-on-military-revolt-in-colonial-senegal/ Dr. Sabrina Parent on military revolt in colonial Senegal » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - A LUCAS seminar organised jointly with French Dr. Sabrina Parent (Université Libre de Bruxelles), ‘From Senghor to Bouchareb, the living memory of Thiaroye’ Monday 24 October, 5pm, Michael Sadler Building LG15. All welcome In 1944, in Thiaroye, S
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/dr-alex-vines-obe-head-of-the-africa-programme-adr-alex-vines-obe-on-narratives-about-africas-future-what-role-for-academics-and-analysts/ Dr Alex Vines OBE on ‘Narratives about Africa’s Future: what role for academics and analysts?’ » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Dr Alex Vines OBE (Head of the Africa Programme at Chatham House), ‘Narratives about Africa’s Future: what role for academics and analysts?’ Tuesday 18th October, 5pm, Maurice Keyworth Lecture Theatre, Business School All welcome. Organised by LU
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/10/20/dr-alex-vines-obe-chatham-house-on-narratives-about-africas-future/ Dr Alex Vines OBE (Chatham House) on ‘Narratives about Africa’s Future’ » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Video of Dr Alex Vines OBE LUCAS and the Centre for Global Development were delighted to host Dr Alex Vines OBE (Head of the Africa Programme at Chatham House), who spoke at the University of Leeds on ‘Narratives about
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/10/07/forward-to-freedom-exhibition-in-leeds-for-black-history-month/ Forward to freedom exhibition in Leeds for Black History Month » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) is proud to host Forward to freedom, an exhibition on the history of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1959-1994, for Black History Month in Leeds. Campaigners in Leeds gather to show their s
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/10/03/finding-africa-seminar-series-2016-17-cfp-african-feminisms/ Finding Africa seminar series 2016-17 CfP: African Feminisms » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Finding Africa 2016/17 (UK) – African Feminisms African feminisms have, from the beginning, been grounded in an inclusive and intersectional discourse which seeks to challenge and unravel patriarchal, political, existential, and philosophical imbalances in society. As such they
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/09/30/lucas-autumn-term-seminar-series-2016/ LUCAS Autumn Term Seminar Series 2016 » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) Autumn Term Seminar Series – all welcome   Roundtable: ‘Remembering Anti-Apartheid Activism in Leeds’ Wednesday 12 October, 5.30pm, Michael Sadler Building LG19. LUCAS are very proud to host a roundtable of anti-apartheid
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/roundtable-remembering-anti-apartheid-activism-in-leeds/ Roundtable – Remembering Anti-Apartheid Activism in Leeds » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Campaigners in Leeds gather to show their support for the anti-apartheid movement (Photo courtesy of Dr Salim Essop and the Voices Against Apartheid – the Leeds Story website – please acknowledge if reproduced). LUCAS Roundtable: ‘Remembering Anti-Apartheid Activism in Leed
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/08/03/call-for-papers-yasn-conference-at-the-university-of-bradford-18-november/ Call for Papers – YASN Conference at the University of Bradford – 18 November » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Call for papers: Yorkshire Africa Studies Network Conference at the University of Bradford ‘Transitions’ from what to what? Justice and Reconciliation in Africa Friday 18th November 2016 We welcome applications from PhD students, researchers and academics. The conference aims
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/events/poverty-inc-film-showing-and-discussion/ Poverty, Inc.: Film showing and discussion » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Poverty, Inc – fighting poverty is big business – but who profits the most? Film Showing and discussion of Poverty, Inc The West has positioned itself as the protagonist of development, giving rise to a vast multi-billion dolla
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/03/10/next-finding-africas-seminar-24-may/ Next Finding Africa seminar – 24 May » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Liberating the Female Voice from the Patriarchal Order of the South African Pastoral Tradition: Anne Landsman’s The Devil’s Chimney by Ruth Daly The next Finding Africa seminar, hosted in association with the University of Leeds’ Centre for African Studies (LU
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/02/18/alex-beresford-on-south-africas-political-crisis/ Alex Beresford on South Africa’s Political Crisis » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - South Africa’s Political Crisis: Unfinished Liberation and Fractured Class Struggles Book Launch and LUCAS seminar with Alexander Beresford Thursday 3 March, 4–5.30pm, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds, LG 19 – all welcome South Africa’s long road to political freedo
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/02/16/religion-homosexuality-and-lgbt-rights-in-africa-symposium/ Religion, Homosexuality and LGBT Rights in Africa Symposium » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Religion, Homosexuality and LGBT Rights in Africa Symposium University of Leeds, 7 April, 1pm This symposium celebrates the launch of two book volumes, co-edited by Ezra Chitando and Adriaan van Klinken, and published with Ashgate in spring 2016: Publi
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/01/27/slave-rebellions-or-actions-of-war-understanding-west-african-armed-resistance-in-bahia-and-cuba-1807-1844-manuel-barcia/ Slave Rebellions or Actions of War? Understanding West African Armed Resistance in Bahia and Cuba, 1807-1844 – Manuel Barcia » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Professor Manuel Barcia’s Inaugural Lecture. Date: 10-03-2016 Time: 17:00 – 18:00 This lecture will examine how a series of historical events that occurred in West Africa from the mid-1790s – including Afonja’s rebellion, the Owu wars, the Fulani-led
  • http://lucas.leeds.ac.uk/2016/01/07/climate-change-in-malawi-phd-studentship-at-leeds/ Climate Change in Malawi Phd Studentship at Leeds » Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - Climate Research Doctoral Training Programme The Priestley Centre is launching its Climate Research Doctoral Training Programme with a suite of fully-funded PhD studentship opportunities. The projects provide an excellent opportunity to undertake ground-breaking research aimed towards delivering global climate

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  • Kathleen Ingram - 4.5 stars~ A good perspective

    4+ Stars ~ " Owen Tudor, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new mistress,Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the warrior king, Henry V"

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