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  • savyon941 - Go for the Time Out series.

    Compared to the Time Out series, the organization of this book makes it much harder to use. Time Out is more focused on the type of thing you're looking for. This book organizes by neighborhood. It seems to go on the premise that should you want a certain kind of food, you won't go from say, Admiralty to Central, for it. Lots of page turning, back and forth.

  • Kase21 - Five stars with a caveat

    UP FRONT CONCERN; if you take antidepressants you should definitely consult your doctor and pharmacist prior to using garcinia cabogia. I cannot stress this enough.

  • Alison L. Lane - We recommend this program to everyone!

    This is the plan that kick started our weight loss and healthy eating. Months later we are remain down in weight and still enjoy our breakfast shakes. The first 3 days were tough as we detoxed off caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, but now we are in a healthier place and understand our bodies better. My husband has done so well, his doctor lowered his cholesterol medicine and may take him off completely!!! We recommend this program to everyone!

  • ThePawArmy - This is NOT the Acronis True Image you are looking ...

    This is NOT the Acronis True Image you are looking for. There are so many features ripped out of 2015 as compared to 2014 they should have named it "Howdy Feline: My First Back Up Program".

  • Prefect - Mess with the best , Die like a pest.

    This is the best spray for infestations that I have found. My kitchen was overrun by little German roaches. I set traps , put gel down, and fogged several times , yet they kept returning. This spray will , as it says , flush them out and kill them. Completely worth the money.

  • J. Spencer - It works.

    I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews, but figured I'd give this a try on my back. I was very surprised at how well this stuff works. Most of the 3 hour sitting I only felt pressure and vibration from the machine. I applied it about 2.5 hours prior to my appointment, and next time I'll probably do 4 hours prior. I read other reviews suggesting to apply it longer than the 1 hour prior that is listed on the bottle, so I tried that and it worked. Very happy with this product.