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  • Naomi Pool - Better than any other

    There for few parts of the book that were slightly vague, but not all textbooks can be perfect. It was an awesome book that taught me how to be an amazing coder. When I first started using this book in class, I had ZERO coding experience. It has taught me everything I need to know to get my foot in the door with coding, and it has most importantly taught me how to LOVE coding. She has real life comments and advice in sections titled "from the trenches" which were very inspiring. I recommend reading those for fun when you feel overwhelmed, and reading the "coding shot" and "stop" sections ALWAYS because they sometimes contain the piece of information you are missing or wondering about. The main (and only) downside to this book that I could point out was all of the practice work. BUT that was most likely my own instructor's fault, NOT the author/publisher. In my class, we used the workbook AND textbook, and were assigned two chapters a week from CPT and one from ICD. We were to do every single "problem"/"question" available in the textbook AND workbook. My class was only 14 weeks long, 5 hours a week, and part of the "Administrative Medical Assisting Program" at my community college. MA's do not code much, or really at all, so it was definitely overkill, and too much to do in too little time, especially for an introductory-level course. If you are a teacher reading this review, debating on using the text for your class, and you care for my thoughts, I would recommend the book over any other, but not assigning all work from both textbook and workbook if you are teaching the class at an introductory level. Instead I would have picked out the most important "problems"/"questions".

  • nelle684 - Got rid of our mold

    We have a 50+ year old house with a lot of surrounding trees. The perfect environment for mold growth on the roof....2 applications of this stuff knocked it out....great!!!

  • TooManyLillies62 - Totally Satisfied

    I am a self-professed hair product junkie; you name it, I have tried it. Recently, I used Hair One Cleanser & Conditioner Jojoba (Color Treated) for the first time, and I was plesantly suprised. I am an African American female who is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair -- my last relaxer was about 5 months ago. I have fine, frizzy, shoulder-length hair(believe me, working with the two textures are a real challenge).

  • Luis Carlos - Kaspersky is a great Virus protection but...

    Kaspersky is a great product if you're looking for the best Virus protection. Kaspersky seems to have a bit of a problems with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP's) adware type programs that install as free software packaged PUP's and it is not well detected by Kaspersky or other top Internet Security Software. The configuration in Kaspersky to activate some sort of PUPs protection is very fuzzy and haven't seen it work yet. Therefore I have used a combination of Malwarebytes software alone with Kaspersky Internet Security in order to cover all angles. The two can coexist as Malwarebytes is not an antivirus software.

  • G G Tuens - nice gold bag, not yellow

    First, this bag would better be described as gold rather than yellow. It has pockets in pockets in pouches. Enough storage for most anything. Attached to one zipper is a plastic half-sphere ball marking template to draw lines and other stuff on your balls if you're into that sort of thing. It has a little pen holder pouch for your Sharpie too. It has a score card holder but interestingly no pencil holders. The feet snap in and out sharply and it appears to be very steady (unlike my last one which would fall over when someone sneezed). The single X carry strap is comfortable for a 2-shoulder carry but not as well designed for a 1-shoulder carry as dual carry strap designs. The sections are not all individually lined as the description implies but that's better than no liners. Manufacturers who make bags with no liners should include a hammer to get the clubs in the bag.