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  • Kim J - love this calendar

    I look forward to turning the page every day for some witty humor. Usually share laughs with other cube dwellers

  • M. Shahar - Not a suspence/thriller, didn't like the ending

    It started out really great and this book seems to have a great potential, but somewhere towards the end, the author loses focus and the plot spirals down, and because in real life we can't always get it, I like my books at least to provide some poetic justice, and this book doesn't satisfy that need. It's an ok book, but nothing more

  • Debbie Weil, author of THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK - Thinly veiled attempt to make money from his vitamin supplements

    There is some good information in the book about a healthy approach to eating and to life: including daily meditation, hot baths before going to bed and eating lots of dark green vegetables (kale!!). But the book is a thinly veiled attempt to sell readers Dr. Hyman's outrageously overpriced vitamin supplements. I succumbed and ordered a 2-week vitamin pack for $140. I am returning it for a full refund. I scoured Dr. Hyman's website for a way to send him feedback. I found none so I am posting here the letter I tried to send him:

  • Kimberly Keeton - and my fine lines are diminished

    This actually is working! My skin looks clearer, smoother, and my fine lines are diminished. No burning or peeling. Will def buy more.

  • BeMine84 - I love this on him!

    I love this fragrance, its not to strong or to light its subtle and sexy I absolutely love it. Also for those questioning the Versus part, versus is a company owned by versace and the label starts versus versace and thats because it is both. This fragrance is authentic!