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  • Lyle James Berryman - Redid my travel trailer bath/shower combo and wall

    So, I couldn't stand the color of yellow my travel trailer shower/bath combo was. I had painted my sailboat with a two part polyurethane epoxy and was going to use that until I read a review about this product lasting a guy 2 years of wear. So I bought this instead. This is an acrylic epoxy and works well. I used a palm sander on the walls and tub prior to painting. And wiped it down with paint thinner afterwards to remove the particles.

  • Jerseys Classiest - Love it!

    Very useful book. I am preparing for my trip to Vegas in May and this book more than pays for itself with the coupons. There are way more that I imagined. I should get at least 4 or 5 buffet meals for free. I love it. Very good tips on Blackjack and the strategy chart is in there as well. Love it so far!

  • Shannon Pryor - you can still be an eastcoast rapper without sounding like down south

    This album was a breath of fresh air....all east coast artists take notes; you can still be an eastcoast rapper without sounding like down south. No disrespect to down south but east coast music is not the old's only made for certain people...this is what I wanted the production and soulfulness sound to be placed in the last Wu-Tang album....Yo! Jay-Z sleeping on you Cole...thanks for keeping the east coast sound alive.

  • Reddmann - Roof rack

    Only issue with the item is one of the bolt holes was not properly threaded. I had to spend extra time to work the bolt through. Aside from that everything was perfect.

  • Nhat Minh Hoang - Guitar for boons

    I'm a beginner Guitarist and this has helped me since. The Guitar is connected through USB which is then usable with the game. The game will calibrate the guitar and so It has a built in tuner. the selection of songs and minigames are interesting enough to play. However the option of paying extra songs are still not that great.

  • Just the Truth - Try This Stuff!

    Benefits we've experienced here at our house: (1) Placing in ears regularly, it pulls out excess wax, naturally. Not sure how, but it does. Wax just seems to extract itself almost! (2) Those of us willing to drink a little twice each day, plus place in ears have not had one cold or flu yet this winter. Those in the household who don't follow the regimen, HAVE had the usual rounds of sniffles and fevers. (3) Using it as a moisturizer (i'm 47) my skin is amazing: diminished eye-area-wrinkles, silky, silky smooth skin. FAB on face, neck, and hands, as long as you keep the oil out of your eyes. (4) I place it on my scalp every night, and then wash hair in the morning. Again - super soft, soft shiny hair, and i'm 100% grey. Compliments from strangers all the time. Many of the same benefits as hemp seed oil, but even better results on the skin.