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  • Knuckles - Luggage Racks OE Style

    I bought these for my 2014 Grand. The quality is great and the installation was fairly easy. Watch out not to strip the hex nuts as this can happen easily (as others have said). My biggest complaint is the wind noise! After about 35 MPH +, you get a howling noise which is VERY audible. I don't have a sunroof and can easily hear it. I might try rotating them around to see if this helps but probably not. I might return them or keep them but just take them off when not needed.

  • E3171 - Give it a chance...It works...

    I started using the liquid 5% Rogaine when I was 18 years ago when I began to experience thinning in my crown area and slight recession in vertex areas. I've also used Propecia/finasteride for the past 17 years. My crown filled in within four months of starting Rogaine liquid, my vertex mostly filled in within 6 months, my hair regained nearly all of it's pre-thinning thickness around 1 year after starting the Propecia and today I still have most of my hair (I'm between a Norwood I and Norwood II). I have slight recession in my temples and have been able to maintain most of my widow's peak. I prefer the foam to the liquid. It is MUCH less irritating to my scalp (although I understand experiences will vary among users), and right now I prefer the brand name Rogaine because it seems to retain more of it's foam consistency when applied, compared to generic minoxidil (store brand) foam. The brand name Rogaine foam seems to also be even less irritating to my scalp than the generic minoxidil foam.