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  • Robert Touchtone - Great Add On Hardware for Both FS9 and FSX.

    I use FS9 primarily and FSX every once in awhile. My concern was if this panel was compatible with FS9 and with the utility found in the Saitek Folder it works great with FS9. You will need FSUIPC to use this Panel. Also if you have the Registered version of FSUIPC you can assign switches and functions through FSUIPC.

  • DELI - Good Simulator

    My grandson loves this simulator. He's playing it right now. He went to fireman camp last summer and this was a great follow-up. He's a young 11.

  • IT Reviewer - Expensive and questionable credibility

    That pretty much sums up my experience and research. I did do the 9 day really 11 day cleanse twice. I lost 10 lbs and 12 lbs respectively. BUT is that really any different than cutting your calories drastically and drinking tons of extra water? I think it worked for me not because of the products but because it helped me to change my behavior for a short time drastically. I gained it all back quickly (why I tried again)and am heavier than when I started each time after being very steady (years) 15 lbs heavier than what i would like now I am 20 lbs heavier. My thoughts are if it takes $200 to cut down the calories for a week or two and its worth that to you and you can't seem to do it any other way go for it, IT IS NOT the products but the cut in calories and added water. I am not sure that intermittent fasting is very good for you, much research shows the 'cleansing' is a bunch of baloney anyway I did this backward and found out after the fact. so now you don't have to.

  • Scott - IT WORKED

    It actually worked, my wife is enjoying more fuller hair, which she lost when having extensive surgery. I didn't think that it would.