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  • Zlata Muratova - Works

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  • Crystal - Great Product (but I have yet to see this product for $99)

    Without a doubt, this is an exceptionally moisturizing product with great benefits. Due to its organic ingredients, you need not shampoo your hair often with sulfate. the combination of Knot Today and Curling Custard works well for most curl girls I've known to use it. Most important concept is to go online and research the variety of methods people find helpful for THEMSELVES in using this product so you can discover a methodology especially for YOU. It is a staple product. It's results vary depending how much of one or the other product you apply (as will with all products) but the shine and moisture will ALWAYS be there regardless. The finer your hair, the less you'd apply because this product is simply VERY moisturizing. The more you apply, the more control you will find and the longer your hair will last (for second, third and forth day hair styles). Experimenting is a must, but the benefits are a necessity.

  • Robert P. - Thoughtful designed for the Kindle

    I particularly like this version of the NABRE. It's a thoughtful design, and the search function makes it particularly easy to jump to specific verses. When you open the book the first time the instructions are clear on how to take advantage of the eBook features. I believe considerable thought was given to the design of this version. It's also relatively inexpensive at around $5.

  • Steve - The BEST Latin Blend of Coffee

    I am a coffee freak. Used to work for a Coffee Company. I have tasted hundreds, if not thousands of coffees from around the world. I tend to like the Earthiness of Indonesian and African blends and stay away from the acidity (sour) of the Latin blends. However, this coffee has just enough acidity and a full flavor. It was designed specifically for the Five Star restaurant, Canlis, in Seattle so that they would have one coffee for large events in the brewer, French Press at the table and also for espresso drinks. It only comes out once a year. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.