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  • Sparta - Great story

    The author does a wonderful job creating an interesting world and a fun quest. At the heart of the book is the battle-trained young Rina, who watched her family be killed by invaders. Her escape is well written and with only her loyal body guard Rina makes her way to an ancient sorcerer—the Ink Mage—who gifts her with a strange magical tattoos. In this world it is the tattoo that works the magic. An interesting process and cute idea. I look forward to the next story. This is a complete tale with no cliffhanger.

  • Andracffy - This has made music time so much easier

    This was exactly the earbud setup I was looking for. It has the additional earbud but I only use one as I like my other ear to be open will I work so I can still hear things going on around me. For the money this is a quality product. I use it to listen to music and the sound is better than I expected from a single, Bluetooth earbud. I wear it everyday and it hasn't fallen out of my ear yet. I've also had great results with call quality. It's very easy to use and I use it about two hours everyday. I normally charge it once a day but have skipped a day before and was still able to use it. It may not suit everyone's needs but for me it is a perfect fit and not dealing with get tangled in wires is awesome!

  • Julie Ann - Simply Divine

    I ADORE this tea. It makes hormone fluctuations be approached with so much love. I started drinking it about a week before my period, and it is decaf so you can have multiple cups a day (in fact this is recco'ed on the packaging to help PMS symptoms). I enjoy it then and during my period too- super soothing, smells divine, and you can't beat Yogi putting an inspirational quote on each tea bag string ;-)

  • CooperPG - You will not regret this purchase!

    I absolutely love the way this lavender relaxes me. This is my favorite oil. I just put in my diffuser at night and it relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. I love that it comes with its own dropper to get the right amount of drops in without wasting. You can also put under your nose and chest to help with snoring. I also put a little lavender and coconut oil in a spray bottle and spray throughout my home to make it smell wonderful. There are so many options to this oil. I can say enough good things about this oil. ** I have received this product for my honest and unbiased opinion. My opinions are 100% my own.**