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  • Morgan Charboneau - awesome product!!

    This stuff is fantastic!!!! so many great things you can do with it! once you open the package, it has to be used. when air hits it, it activates... but its an awesome product. I got it for my dad for his birthday and he's already ordered more because he ran out! :) its a great fit-it-all and great for making new things too!

  • Ashley4477 - Great little extraction tool set!

    This is a great set to get rid of those pesky blackheads. This set has more than enough to help with any blemish need. I tried to remove some blackheads on my husband and he thought it hurt terribly. You have to be really gentle. It is best to start with a face that you just steamed or hot compressed. Sometimes it is hard to remove the blackheads, but I have come to understand if they aren't budging, do not force them. You don't want to make your skin super irritated or scarred. I became interested in popping bumps after watching the disgusting videos that kept popping up online of people removing blackheads - OMG it is so gross! I did extract a few little bumps on my nose, it kind of just bubbles up after scrapping. It takes practice to know the correct pressure and tools to use. Just a note - please make sure your face and tools are clean before trying to extract. I use rubbing alcohol to disinfect.

  • Bryan H. - Very informative and thought provoking read.

    Everyone in the US needs to read this book. The alt-right cannot survive with informed people. Please encourage everyone you know to read this book.