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  • literoti - The second book is even better than the first.

    The second book is even better than the first. Too bad the Yeti can never make it on the front cover. This is an awesome comic strip.

  • sorcha - Huge plot flaws and other errors

    What happened here? There are glaring errors in this book that any decent copy editor or proofreader should have caught, not to mention the author on her final read-through. The biggest one has to do with Aurora's pregnancy news. Earlier in the book she calls her best friend Amina in Texas to tell her the good news (pages 22-23) and Amina cries, telling her "I saved all my baby clothes!" Later in the book (page 133), Amina has come home with her young daughter, separated from her husband and visiting Auroroa and Robin. Aurora tells Amina she's pregnant and Harris writes this scene as if this is the first time Amina has heard of the pregnancy! How do you miss something like that?? What kind of hiring standards does this publisher have? Smaller errors, such as referring to Aurora's boss's wife Marva as having a "flare" for crafts, are also cringe-worthy (page 27). A large plot flaw lies in the concluding pages, when it seems clear that the parents of the young man responsible for the crime will escape prosecution because no one can prove they knew about the kidnappings. But they spoke to the other parents about getting ranson calls for their "kidnapped" son, took money out of the bank, and made a fake ransom drop to make it look like their son was also kidnapped. How is that not proof of complicity? Why would they make up such an elaborate story, just to give their son money? I'm disappointed in Harris and her publishers.

  • Christine Harrison - Comfortable to wear

    Absolutely beyond the expected harvest experience, can not think of Bluetooth headset to do such a level! Comfortable to wear, headphones line actually reflect unlike other people too long, anyway, run by is wearing + line from the front around to the back of the head of the method is the most suitable and effectively reduce the effect of the stethoscope. I want to play 90 minutes, the sound of the design of the formation of the bass effect of the bass I am very surprised, if high frequency does not talk, but definitely not the kind of disappointing. The appearance of the work is also fine, black version is not obvious flaws. If it is not for the appearance, the use of this exercise is definitely more practical. The first time made such a long comment, I really think this headset value!

  • Shiratha - Nice for Bathroom

    I wanted to try this essential oil since I had heard many people attest to the fragrance. However, I am not so thrilled with it. It will be used in the bathroom; but, I use other aromas in my personal space.

  • Dylan - A Must-Have Cookbook for Harry Potter Fans!

    This cookbook is pretty amazing... amazing recipes, amazing Harry Potter quotes, and some pretty cool history on the origins of the food. There is pretty much everything in this book. I'm going to have a lot of fun with it. I wish there were pictures of the food, but oh well. I still love it.