metronidazole dosage - warnings consuming alcohol at any time while taking metronidazole, or for three days after stopping can cause uncomfortable sensations, such as a rapid heart beat, warmth under the skin, and nausea and vomiting.

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  • Casey J. Brown - Will lend to brothers and friends

    Haven't even finished it yet, but it is already worth 5 stars. I have 3 younger brothers and several good friends that are not married (yet?). I'll be getting them copies, or lending mine, at the next opportunity. This book accurately covers a large part of what I consider to be the most important gap in most people's life skill knowledge set. Everyone should read this.

  • jbush - Good for Tips

    Provides useful advice for applying for scholarships, requesting letters or recommendation, and interviewing. The scholarships that it notes are accessible through free websites, and most of them did not apply to me personally. In addition, there were some scholarships that we no longer available.

  • singin in the rain - works better than some of the gh highly rated products, but see long term update

    I recommend this product pretty wholeheartedly for women who have aging skin. I am in my mid 50s and like most women, have tried many many products that claim to help with wrinkles and elasticity. When good housekeeping came out with their anti aging product recommendations a couple of years ago, I was excited to try some of the top scorers (tested with real women and results read by special machines that could determine things like wrinkle depth, etc). I tried L'Oreal revitalift deep set wrinkle repair for at least a 6 month steady use. I also tried the no 7 one, can't remember the name now for at least 6 months (different time period). Both of these rated on the top of the lists of the gh reports and when I was using one, I used it once a day for a long time, experimenting with either day or night application. I would say that those helped me ever ever so slightly, barely noticeable and kind of disappointing.

  • Kealohalani Morse - Bummed about bugs

    I had high hopes for this purchase. While shipping time and packaging were great, the product itself did not work the way it was advertised. Instructions state to wait at least 2 weeks to really noticed a diminished amount of insect activity. However, there was no decrease, there are still ants roaming freely in my kitchen and small roaches are still lurk in dark corners of the house. I have 4 children and would prefer not to use chemicals to treat for insects, but alas it looks as if this will be the case. I even bought 4 of these things to ensure the whole house was covered, and while this was a good idea in theory, the product did not work.