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  • Jay M. Arancio - This is the case you've been looking for!

    Found it on my third try. My first two cases were good, but I really wanted a thin wraparound case with three sectioned front cover that also held my Apple Pencil. I was a little skeptical when ordering, but I'm glad I did. I love the feel of this case. It's very light and somehow it makes the iPad Pro 12.9" seem not as big as in my other cases. The pencil is secure but easily removed from holder. The cover turns into a triangle for typing or displaying for a table-top presentation or watching a movie. The fit and holes are well aligned. And, the cover folds flat behind for taking notes. the cover also wakes and shuts off the iPad. I've only had it for a week, but I'm already finding myself grabbing the larger Pro over the smaller Mini.

  • Esperanto Guy - Excellent and up to date

    I am new to Esperanto, and frankly I was very skeptical about the extent of the language's vocabulary. This dictionary dismissed all doubts I had. All but the most ridiculously obscure and archaic English words are represented, and it should be more than enough for anyone but the most ardent linguist. This 2010 edition includes a variety of words pertaining to the internet, computers and various branches of science. So far, while using this dictionary, there is nothing that I have been able to express in English that I could not express in Esperanto. This is a good, solid reference that will continue to have value for years to come.

  • Zeus - This book, Tor And The Dark Net, at ...

    This book, Tor And The Dark Net, at first I've already heard about this "dark net" or the deep-web. Honestly, this web makes my mind curious what all about this, what this kind of web is this. But this book, saying this web must be avoided, because of theres a hidden transactions in this web. People must know about this dark side of the web, to be well informed about this kind of web.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing product!

    This product has helped me so much during my pregnancy. My tummy was itchy from the skin stretching and this belly butter eliminated that symptom. Also, as I grow bigger and bigger, I have no signs of any stretch marks. Amazing product!!!