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  • michele - I used these weight drops when I ran out of ...

    I used these weight drops when I ran out of the competitors drops and I wanted to stretch out my diet program. They work just as well. I still want too lose more weight, down 30 , so I will continue to use the rest after my reset mode.

  • R. Salem - Cheap & Worthless

    First off, I didn't get mine from Amazon - wish I had, because I could return it. Mine was given to me by a thoughtful relative. "Oh, it will be easier for the kids & grandkids when they come over," she said. How wrong she was. Couldn't sell it at a garage sale for $30. At the end of the day, some lady beat me up until I let it go for $15 just two weeks ago.

  • Amazon Customer - ONLINE SUPPORT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You will be ...

    ONLINE SUPPORT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You will be redirected to their USER FORUM which can take days to get a helpful response and no guarantee that the help is correct. After being a customer for over a decade and paying always more than $100 every year or two for "upgrades" to the next year model..... never again. You pay a lot for the program, then pay again every year and now they no longer offer support. It's a very complicated program and if you are working with classical music you are sure to run into issues NOT explained in the user manual. I am investigating Sibelius.

  • Frisko - Good stuff but don't rush through

    I have used the product a few times and have found it is better to apply light coatings and let dry instead of the prescribed two coatings with a one hour wait between the two coating on the box. I did not mix contents all at once and instead split up into four distinct sets and mixed each one right before applying. I also let each coating dry for one day and lightly wet sanded each coating before I applied another coating. It is very important to remove any sanding residue after sanding and make sure surface is very dry before applying another coat. If you apply too much at once coating will bubble and you will need to start over. I also used brand new rollers for each application. Too difficult to work with one and clean each time - your time is worth more as the rollers are not easy to clean. I have found this application works best. Yes, it takes much more time but has served me well over time.