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  • Beth J - Prevented and Cured Rash

    I have finally won the battle with diaper rash!!! After trying Destin, Destin Max strength and Boudreaux's butt paste, this was the only diaper rash cream that has worked to not only prevent diaper rash but get rid of the awful rash she already had.

  • DRSOY - Right on target

    I am an immigrant who came from a family with nothing monetarily but rich in love and values. My parents spoke no English, had a grammar school education and worked like dogs to provide for their children. They never made it rich but they were rich beyond compare to our former life in our native country. Today my siblings and I, through hard work, sacrifice, values and persistence graduated from high school, college and graduate school. We did not take a dime of welfare as a family nor as adults. We made it in America because this country used to get out of the way of those who had the temerity to dream, aspire, push and reach for the stars. We did and we love what America provided for us - opportunity to work, save and dream.