Cytotec Ivg - Misoprostol 75mg - j'ai fait 2 prises de sang: le 13 janvier, taux à 69 et le 17 janvier, taux à 368. Il retourne à son bureau et me prescrit du cytotec (4 par jour), un antibio pour éviter une infection de l'utérus et doliprane et spasfon. A ce jour, la possibilité d

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  • mike in tulsa - 5 Stars for customer service...

    I only gave it three stars because the bottom safety screws (designed to keep the TV from accidental lift off) should have been designed to adjust from the side, making it far more accessible than the bottom, which was difficult without a trip to The Home Depot to buy a long and skinny Phillips head screwdriver.

  • SandySEPA - superbly educational and entertaining

    Buffett informs the reader about Berkshire's results, while also educating about investing, and entertaining at the same time. I learned a lot about investing that can be applied to an individual's affairs, not only those of a company. Buffett's book recommendations are also very valuable.

  • V. Farfel - Good gadget + bad clip = 1 star

    I received MOOV personal coach on December 30th 2015. I have done several running workouts and liked it a lot. It has a lot of good things to write about but Im not in a good mood to do so. I decided to test it on a bike ride and unfortunately lost the device. Similarly to what others reported the clip seemed to unbuckle and the device is gone. I have retraced my bike ride - it was only 3 miles run but since MOOV emits no signal there is no way to track so after less than a week use it is gone. I wasn't in a hurry when I went on my bike ride and made sure that the clip is secured properly but it unbuckled anyway. If you only plan to use MOOV on an athletic field where you can quickly find it then by all means get it, but otherwise I would suggest you find better use for your $$$