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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • sadrack stlouis - The Buena skin 100% pure Shea butter is perfect on its on or to add essential oils to ...

    This Shea butter is unrefined but doesn't have a very strong oder at all. It goes on really smooth, the texture feels Alittle grainy at first but as soon as you rub it in Alittle it's very smooth.

  • Daune - Great Book for Act

    Great book for studying for ACT and very reasonable price! My daughter has really gotten a lot of use out of it!

  • Shannon W. Pritchard - Don't buy this product.

    I have had a navien unit for two years now, and have had continual problems. They replaced the unit once, but still problems. I could live with it if their tech service would work with you, but they wont help, unless you are one of their "certified" installers, meaning unless you will sell the garbage for them, they won't help. Therefore, I have had to pay a thousand dollars in service calls for things I could have done, had the tech service talked to me. Not only that, they insisted that I hire their recommended engineer, he charged me $400. 00 for me to show him what the problem was. The next issue I have I will throw the garbage out and buy another maker. Run, Run, run from this product.

  • Eddie - Good but Basic

    I am studying very hard for the GRE...I am glad I did my research and I bought other books besides Kaplan. I think is a great first book to have to start studying for the GRE. Is very basic and many concepts, especially math, the author assumes that you know everything. I understand that at this level (graduate) I know all of the topics tested (Algebra, Arithmetic, Statistics and basic Geometry) but it will be nice if they can provide you a refresher (Permutation, combination, Geometry formulas, etc.). Other than that very friendly user book.

  • aardvark - Nice Surprise

    Instructions were a little vague, but because it is a fairly straightforward process the installation was painless and relatively easy. A little common sense and mechanical knowledge help. This kit made the install a breeze, worth the low price and then some.

  • Jaynae Miller - I love this..

    Perfect for people who want absolute protection at the right price. Wally World was selling it for 3x as much. Right, affordable my Uncle's backside. I will always continue to get my software here and Norton always delivers. I recommend to all my friends, and I am still alive.