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  • Donald J. Mackay - Long Term User

    Ten years ago, I was surprised when my doctor told me I had the start of male pattern baldness. He recommended 5% Rogaine, but I purchased generic minoxidil because it was less than half the price.

  • Pat From Ormond Beach - DONT EXPECT A FACELIFT

    Does work for several hours as stated. Erases very fine lines but no more. Very little product need each time. Too much leaves a white powder on skin.

  • E. Sieben - Works for my small biz

    I needed software to track my small business finances and this is doing the job nicely. It's intuitive to set up and has everything I need to keep track of spending, income and everything else I need. I looked at alternatives but decided to go with what seems to be the standard. I'm not disappointed.

  • B. Pompei - steam vac

    Got my Steam and Sweep today and couldn't wait to unpack it. I have hard floors and a dog that sheds. I try to sweep and the hair flies around and when I get the mop and bucket I have lots of hair and other dirt that ends up floating on the water in the bucket. This seems to fill the bill for cleaning and getting most of the grit. Two comments on the negative side - since the "sweep" part is in the front followed by the pad you can't get the pad right up to the baseboard unless you have room to maneuver the unit and hit the baseboard with the side of the head. Second comment - don't try to open the tray that collects the dirt in the house and lots of little bits fall out and then you have to vacuum them up or....the tray gets damp so you'll probably want to rinse the tray out and let dry before putting the unit away. Enjoy! I know I will.

  • Robert J. Boyd - Rust-Oleum Restore

    I purchased 3 gal. for my boat dock last fall. This spring it is peeling off. What a mess. I would never use it again.

  • Tracilee A Tracy - the front mats are great, but the back one are terrible the boards ...

    I bought a weather mats for my Honda Accord, the front mats are great, but the back one are terrible the boards of

  • Chris Martin - What a shame

    Bought this for my husband to use, but the remote doesn't work, the picture is grainy, and the sound non-existant. All it is is a charging station AND you have to remove any protective cover you have or it will not charge. Returning this to the box store I bought it from. Lesson learned. Look at the reviews first!