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  • marylandmiss - worth it

    Lerosett Clay Masque is pricey but works I would buy it again. I bought on a recommendation from a blog.

  • MikeReedKS - A great workout!

    My wife loves this! She recommends it for anyone who just wants to get up and dance. Great collection of songs and the store lets you choose more to add to your collection. Why work out with a boring routine when you can shake your bootie, work up a sweat and have a lot of fun!

  • Daniel Guerra - Works really great, is it the top tier PC

    Works really great, is it the top tier PC? No but it has all the basic needs that you could ask for and then some. Haven't had a single problem in the 3 months I had it. A must have for anyone college that isn't looking to break the bank.

  • amy case - Great diet help.

    This really suppressed my appetite. I found when i took this as directed, i was less likely to just snack all day. it really helped me stick to my diet. I was able to eat healthy reasonable meals when I did eat. I was full faster, not because i ate faster, but because less food took up more space. this supplement really will help me stick to my diet goals. I am glad to know it wont take as much as i thought it would. This is also a easy to swallow, no bad taste. and does not have a bad smell. overall this is a very good supplement to have around.

  • Mark T. Collins - Great Idea, not great execution

    I was excited about this Lego Advent Calendar. The thought of opening a Lego Toy each day until Christmas is brilliant. However, some of the days were pretty pitiful. There are seven mini-figures which were always a hit with my son, but on the days between it was hit or miss.