Mundipharma - We take a different approach to business at Mundipharma. We don’t have the traditional pharmaceutical business model.

  • About Us | Mundipharma - We take a different approach to business at Mundipharma. We don’t have the traditional pharmaceutical business model. Innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit guide everything we do and our success rate proves this approach works. Our mission to substantially improve the quality of life of patients everywhere by alleviating the global burden of pain and needless suffering requires us to continually adapt to the changing business environment without losing sight of our values and principles.
  • Milestone | Mundipharma - The history of Mundipharma can be traced back to 1952 when Mortimer D Sackler, M.D. and Raymond R Sackler, M.D. acquired Prudue based in the US. With these family origins, the company understands the important of long-term business relationships, built on a foundation of trust. That foundation of trust, along with an entrepreneurial culture and unique approach to partnerships, has given Mundipharma the opportunity to establish a strong market presence that covers the world’s pharmaceutical markets. 1952
  • President's Message | Mundipharma - Welcome to Mundipharma. Right from the start, we are all about people and we are about patients. The Mundipharma story, spanning over six decades, is one that brings together a visionary approach and a pioneering spirit – and is best told through our patients, our employees and the communities in which we serve. Our dedication to putting patients at the heart of every business decision has ensured that we continue to grow and more importantly, improve the lives of the people who need our medicines the most.
  • Mundipharma Hong Kong | Mundipharma - Vision & Mission Vision Mundipharma’s vision is to be one of the leading pain management, Oncology supportive care, Respiratory and Antiseptic companies in the world, spearheaded by our operations in the Emerging Markets. We are a specialty pharmaceutical company with a balanced portfolio of complimentary pharmaceutical products.
  • Business Development | Mundipharma - Mundipharma specializes in drug delivery systems and these are applied to our range of analgesics, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory treatments. We also have antiseptic products and are establishing our presence in the oncology market and beyond.
  • Research Development | Mundipharma - Mundipharma’s research concentrates primarily on three therapeutic areas: pain, oncology and respiratory diseases.
  • Analgesia | Mundipharma - Analgesia is by far our largest area of expertise. Over the past 60 years, Mundipharma has introduced a number of products that have transformed the way pain is treated, offering oral, transdermal and parenteral delivery of analgesia to suit patient needs.
  • Oncology | Mundipharma - The existing range of oncology products includes treatments for neuro-oncological and haematological malignancies.
  • Respiratory | Mundipharma - Mundipharma is committed to building a presence in respiratory disease, particularly asthma, which is a chronic and debilitating disease that affects approximately 300 million people worldwide.
  • Career | Mundipharma - As an organization, we are all about people, be it the patients we serve or the people we work with. Innovation, continuous improvement, constant learning and sustainability are keys to our business and our people are at the core of this. We take great pride in attracting, developing and retaining some of the best talent in the industry. Mundipharma’s culture is dynamic, entrepreneurial, fun and high-performing. Our growth offers fast-paced and flexible career opportunities through dual career paths, facilitating learning and development.

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