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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Sandra Garcia - Sports saver

    I'm so thankful for your product. My daughter had shredded her calf in a trampoline accident. The doctors had said they had never seen such a bad injury on someone so young. She is an avid runner and is on her high schools cross country and track teams. The doctors sent her to therapy and after a year she was still in pain when my husband found your product. She is now back to being the runner she wants to be. Your product was a life changer. It gave her the convenience to push herself in workouts and meets. It is now as essential as her shoes for her to continue participating in the sports she loves to do. Thank you, a very appreciative mom.

  • lacey - Very easy to drink

    The taste is great, just like sweet water. I can't rate it on if it worked for fertility because I'm still not pregnant, but I'm simply rating the taste.

  • Nicki - Aaamazing!

    I have been suffering with a vaginal yeast infections since December. It was so bad, I tried the Anti-candida diet, Diflucan and multiple creams prescribed by the doctor and over the counter and nothing worked. I even got Bacteria Vaginosis from the creams messing up my PH. After 4 months of misery I saw the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference after day 1. 5 days later I was cured. I went to the Dr. today for an appointment I made 2 weeks before when I was having issues and he said everything looks perfect! No discharge no infection. This product is AMAZING!

  • Lisa - Loved it!!

    You might want to crank up the air and have one hand free ladies when you read this one! We already know what this author is capable of when it comes to giving us hot dominant men and Adam does not disappoint!

  • sherwine - Horrible buy

    Drys out you hair. It's supposed to be an oil treatment but it's soapy like a shampoo and drys your hair out. This stuff is horrible.will not by again

  • Pat Pugh - Just say goodbye to your hair, this won't help.

    After a bad breakup with the love of my life, it seemed stress and anxiety overtook much of my inner being, and with that came the thinning of hair all over my head, which in turn only made me more stressed, and more anxiety ridden. So I looked for help in this matter and refused to try rogaine. I don't have balding in my family, but it seemed it became a part of my anyway. Ain't love grand? And while this product was good, nicely natural, didn't overly dry out my scalp, it didn't do anything for hair loss. So if you want something to replace your REGULAR shampoo and conditioner, this product line will not disappoint. But don't expect it to help with anything that it is claiming on the label. I tried a dandruff option as well, and that also did nothing save for smell nice and not have any negative affects.

  • Mike Chesser - A MAJOR SCORE.....WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

    I normally do not write reviews on products but this one time I will break my own rule. I bought this for my 2010 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab.