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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • magda - I was very disappointed with this product

    I was very disappointed with this product. This was supposed to be a regular battery shaver but it doesn't shave. I tried to use it on few different areas of my skin and I didn't notice any single hair was shaved. I only gave it a 2nd star for the look because it looks cool, but for the performance of this product it should be one star. It starts so you can hear it but it just doesn't shave.

  • Rudolph Gibson - The wiring for the switches was easy and very simple

    Would have gave 5 stars but it was a little too hard working with the cut outs. I used my shop knife then finished up with my Dremel tool. Took a little bit of time but guess what? That's what do it yourself is all about. The wiring for the switches was easy and very simple.

  • D Pag - Not for my hair

    So when my hair hates a product it becomes like straw while I'm washing it. That's what this did. But I have now figured out that my hair loves shampoos that have a creamy texture, this is a clear liquid. Very disappointed since I love love love the oil.

  • J. Le - Great for Dry Mouth and Bad Breath.

    WHY CHOOSE BIOTENE: I chose this mouthwash because it does not have the alcohol burn. It was also recommended to me by my dentist.

  • monniewolf - Worked when all the prescription stuff failed

    This stuff is a lifesaver, hands down. I am 33 and have moderate adult acne. For the past three years I have been seeing a dermatologist and have been on Epiduo, Retin-A, Tarzorac, oral antibiotics, you name it. I have also tried ProActive and Skin ID. I was afraid my only resort would be to go back on Accutane. Accutane treated my acne as kid, and I was acne-free for years, but they say that people often have to do a second round of treatment 10 - 15 years later. Well, that's me. The problem is that the side effects can be horrible, it has been linked to Chrohn's disease and you have to wait a long time after treatment before you can try to have kids. With my wedding less than a year away, I was desperate.

  • miaeve - This was great the first 2 times

    This was great the first 2 times, but the 3rd time I went to use it, the light no longer works. I can make it turn on, but I have to hold the cord that attaches to the unit, "just so", in order to make it turn on to complete the 30 second cycle. Which is kind of a pain when you are trying not to mess up your nails. Thought I had found a money/time saving solution to getting manicures every other week. Disappointed.

  • Niki A. Tastet - A Great Program

    I am totally surprised by all of the negative reviews on here. I had not read them until I posted my review.