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  • Sean Gallagher - Great software

    Peachtree (now Sage) is not as intuative as other products I've used for accounting at my small business. But by purchasing an "outdated" version, I was able to get a fully functional NEW program - with free support for 30 days - at a fraction of the cost. My new accountant already knows the software, but a big learning curve for the rest of us.

  • Jeffrey - More importantly my 4 Yr old loves it

    I got out of ordering one of these last year when he was 3. I looked up the pricing, reviews and cost of the apps and thought I didnt have one of these and I came out fine. Well the bell rang again on it for his 4th birthday and I saw the need for something that could be used as an educational game. All kids love tablets and I unlike others was not going to buy a 4 yr. old an adult tablet or any type of gaming system

  • Karen - We have another brand of cooler like this and it is not tapered

    This works well! The top unscrews, then you set the can inside of the bottom, then screw the top down on top. It works for regular 12 oz cans and even tall boy 16 oz cans. The taller ones do stick out of the top, but the top still screws down. It also works for bottles.

  • gene Medel - just the right stuff

    What is the next record to be broken in the next challenge? When will the next book be available? When will the next challenges be brought up and be broken? , so many interesting questions and so many interesting answers!

  • Ken L. Shelley - Travel Writing?

    I'm only 1/2 way through this collection, but I may have to give up. So far I don't consider anything I've read to be "travel writing". This is journalism or essays, both of which can fall under the category of travel writing, but not in this case.

  • Stacie Rae - LOVEā™”

    I love this phone! My hubby and I both got on on this past Friday from our local Verizon store. I have the gold and he has the silver.