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  • Diana Hunt - the most comfortable headphones I have owned

    I am writing this after a week of use. I wear these on my run commute to and from work (4 miles) every day. They are the most comfortable headphones I have owned and the ability to shorten the cable makes them ideal for running. Controls are easy to use and the microphone seems to be ok for calls (accidently double tapped the button and dialled the last number; useful just should have read the manual!). I have charged it twice (on receipt and once more in the week) but it hasn't died on me yet. Sound quality is fine; I'm no audiophile but it seems ok to me. The case is a nice touch and it comes with extra bits for the earbuds (and a little net bag). For this price you won't get better. Would absolutely reccomend.

  • Amazon Customer - Sorry_for_my_eng_MA_/"admirer

    --is it important to make a right step not falling down? I'm going through being oblivious, "Time and me, the place to think...talksabout make no sense.. Listening to "Blue Lines....an endless road to the abyss..no fear to do something unimportant...who knows if there's another way of self-expression..m...sorry...always got problems with "INFML"..haha...thank you for your presence, for MA-music..

  • Poor Richard - Really works

    Used this on my partners bedding and other areas where he has leaked. Worked like a charm. One application, and the smells are all gone. Did the mattress, some chairs, worked everywhere. Great stuff.

  • Margaret Moore - For some reason, I always get a headache when ...

    For some reason, I always get a headache when I take it. Not so with the non-optimized curcumin I have taken.

  • Michael R. Young - He is a Superstar if ever there was one

    I absolutly love this musical. I saw it on Broadway, saw it at the Papermill Play House in Milburn, NJ, saw the movie, purchased the DVD, purchased the LP and to this day, I never grew tired of listening to this wonderfully and is, in my opinion, terrific contempoary and brilliantly scoreed rock musical. I really can't believe that it took me so long to purchase the CD version. Well better late than never. If you love musicals then you will love this CD. If your aren't interested in the theology of the story and if you enjoy theology then you will love this music especially for the portrayal of Judas. If you have heard it then you will enjoy hearing it again and again. If you haven't heard it then what are you waiting for? Anyway you look at it, you will enjoy listening to this, in my opinion, contemporary musical classic, Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Kumaresa Sereetharan - No more gas and gastric!

    Let me start by saying that I have had gastricitis and bloatiness all my life. If I don't eat on time, I get gastric, if I go poop on a very empty stomach, I sometimes get gas which would develop into gastric later on(due to an air pocket I suppose). I also easily get gas when I drink too much milk or sweet stuff. Beer and carbonated drinks too give me loads of gas. I also had this problem of always feeling hungry sometimes as soon as 2 hours after a big meal. I also had difficulty putting on muscles doing regular workouts and eating proper, only by doing crossfit yielded some but not major improvements.