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  • Chris Music - GREAT PRODUCT!

    This is the best box I've used so far! AND, there's plenty of troubleshooting tech tips on-line that can help with anything that you may experience however, the only tips I've used at this point is adding additional streams. The remote could be a little better but, it's not enough to keep me from rating this 5 full stars!

  • Casey J. Brown - Will lend to brothers and friends

    Haven't even finished it yet, but it is already worth 5 stars. I have 3 younger brothers and several good friends that are not married (yet?). I'll be getting them copies, or lending mine, at the next opportunity. This book accurately covers a large part of what I consider to be the most important gap in most people's life skill knowledge set. Everyone should read this.

  • Mary Gulczynski - I'm a computer Guru and just saw this terrible "commercial" on tv

    I'm a computer Guru and just saw this terrible "commercial" on tv. "PC Matic is American Made, trust it".... Huh? Did they just go off the basis that Kaspersky ends in sky and Russian last names tend to end the same way, and just went with it??? I've been on computers since I was 6 years old, when the screens were black and green and there were no hard drives, I even remember when NORTON was GOOD, back in 1995. Kaspersky is THE Best AntiVirus around, period. There is nothing that comes close. I've seen enough scam PC "Virus Scan" commercials to see you're gonna get nothing but false positives and additional bs on your computer from this., just look at the site, and go, "Oh yeah, this is what a real A/V's website looks like". I don't write reviews this crappy commercial just compelled me to, enjoy one of the few written by someone who knows what they're talking about, and save yourself the energy. Kaspersky gives you free 30 days too xD.

  • Amazon Customer - Over the Top

    I have been tanning for years and have used every tanning lotion made. No hype just the best. I was really tan, but wanted to get darker but I had hit the “plateau”. With this I got much darker, and now I don’t need to tan every day. Tanning can take a toll on your skin so if you do tan your face, using a good moisturizer is important and this is packed with powerful ingredients that make your skin softer, smoother and reduce any damage from tanning.