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  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) Angelina Jolie Exposes Hollywood Illuminati Rituals In Leaked Video - Angelina describes in detail the gruesome ritual celebrities must go through to join the Order of the Illuminati. During the Illuminati ritual you are tied up, raped, and tortured by other members.
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) OCCULT SUPERNATURAL! Why did the Vatican remove 14 books from the Bible in 1684? - In the year 1684 these 14 books were removed from all versions of the Holy Bible except the 1611 edition; in this edition you will also find that Jesus name is not the same, in fact it is spelled IESUS and pronounced Yahashua. Why then do we continue to call our savior Jesus? Did you know that these books even existed?
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) 'Minority Report' is alive: Police are already using “pre-crimes” AI technologies - It was recently reported that police officers are using artificial intelligence technologies to prevent “pre-crimes” from occurring. These technologies utilizes statistics as well as social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to determine who is most likely to commit a crime so that they can intervene and stop that potential crime from occurring.
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) Hawking's Discovery Is Proven To Double Your IQ And Will Be BANNED From The Public - Stephen Hawking credits his ability to function and maintained focused on such a high level to a certain set of "smart drugs" that enhance cognitive brain function and neural connectivity, while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and boosting memory and recall.
  • Mystificum - (AUDIO) Assange's mental, physical health deteriorating under embassy confinement – medical records - The documents – released by the whistleblowing site on Thursday – include a 27-page psycho-social and medical assessment, a physician's report, and a dentist's report.
  • Mystificum - (Video) Evidences that Prove Parallel Universes Are Real - There are several pieces of evidence that link our known reality to other realities. People who came to our reality by some cosmic scale accident, or strange objects that cannot be traced to any known civilization.
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) Spotted : Giant 'Pyramid UFO' in Pacific Ocean - Argentinian researcher Marcelo Igazusta was the first to spot the mysterious structure last month.Using the coordinates 12 ° 8'1.49 'N 119 ° 35'26.39' W, he claims to have seen a beam of light shining from the darkness of ocean off the west coast of Mexico.
  • Mystificum - (WATCH LIVE) Juno Mission Arrival At Jupiter on the evening of July,4 - On the evening of July 4, Juno will perform a suspenseful orbit insertion maneuver, a 35-minute burn of its main engine, to slow the spacecraft by about 1,212 mph (542 meters per second) so it can be captured into the gas giant's orbit.
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO+PHOTO'S) "UFO" destroys Israeli weaponised satellite on the launch pad - This explosion however is something altogether different. This was no mere explosion of a rocket while being fueled, this was a deliberate act of destruction.Note that the explosion occurs near the top of the rocket, where there aren’t any fuel tanks, the explosion is also far hotter than would be caused by rocket fuel – note the bright white blob on the video bright enough to cause a lens flare (the four diagonal streaks).
  • Mystificum - (VIDEO) Independence Day: Menacing Alien Ship Torments Malaysia – Is it Real? - The footage was reportedly filmed by locals in Kuala Krai in the northeast Malaysian province of Kelantan. The saucer beams a bright light from its center in something that appears to be taken directly out of a sci-fi film depicting an invasion by merciless space monsters.

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  • David - very good

    Aesop's stories are woven deeply into western culture. So many stories we've only heard whispers of. It's well worth reading them in the original, well, a good translation from the original.

  • Kate - Excellent program

    Great program for beginners as well the as those computer savvy. Excellent for small business and home design and publishing needs.

  • M. Sheriar - I love my Cutco knives!!

    I love these knives ... and I was so excited to see a History Channel show with my son about "The Worlds Sharpest Cutting Tools" (or something like that - can't remember the exact title) where they showcased Cutco knives as among the sharpest in the world! They went into depth about the manufacturing process and the blade design and it was pretty interesting! They put them up there with Samurai swords. Cool.

  • Yahzdi Taillon - More trouble than its worth on my XP systems

    I bought bitdefender based on price and the many entirely undeserved good reviews on the web. It will not maintain contact with Windows Security Center. When it fails windows generates a warning message saying it can't find an antivirus program.

  • RRNMCW - Easy to apply

    I like how easily this product goes on. The applicator is very comparable to liquid eyeliner. It can burn if you open your eyes right after applying, but if you keep your eye closed for a minute or two and fan it a bit, you're totally good! I'm committed to stay consistent with using this product as I am looking forward to the results. One thing I would have liked are more detailed instructions/information. There were basic instructions on the box, but nothing on the bottle and no paper insert. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • mrzorro - Bogus product

    This is not a Nioxin formulation, in my opinion. I dare say it is a bogus product. I have used Nioxin for years and this is definitely not the real thing as far as I can determine. I would be very careful ordering Nioxin online. There appears to be bogus product out there being sold at what looks like a good discount. It isn't if you're not getting the real thing.